Young Chitrali engineer dies of COVID-19 in Saudi Arabia

ISLAMABAD: Engineer Khalid Mehmood, a young social worker and entrepreneur from Terich in Upper Chitral, has passed away due to COVID-19 in Saudi Arabia.
Engineer Khalid was the co-founder of Korumghar, the first home delivery service introduced in Chitral, and the founder and chief executive officer of Local Wocal e-commerce website.
Mr Khalid was also the head of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Malakand Division’s social media team.
He had recently moved to Saudi Arabia for work where he contracted the deadly virus and passed away.
It may be mentioned that though only one person has died of the coronavirus inside Chitral, two senior retired bank officials from Chitral passed away from the disease in Karachi and one Chitrali died in the USA.
Another Chitrali settled in Peshawar also fell victim to the pandemic.
The virus is spreading in both Lower and Upper Chitral mostly because of lack of precautions by the residents. Unlike in the beginning, people returning from major cities are not observing quarantine at homes but moving around in their villages.
The local administration has been asking people to take the pandemic seriously but in most of the villages most of the people are not following the precautions, it has been learnt.

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  1. Khalid will long be remembered for his gentle personality. May your soul rest in eternal peace.Being brother one of my students, we usually talked of issues faced in Chitral. He was very optimistic personality. Such a big loss.

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