Promotion of resilience among female students stressed

KURAGH (CHITRAL), Aug 16: A Qirat and Naat competition was held among the private and public schools at the Aga Khan Higher Secondary School, Kuragh, Chitral, on 27th of Ramazan. [caption id="attachment_3547" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Participants with the chief guest."][/caption] In this gathering, there were 15 participants for Qirat and 20 for Naat competition. Hundreds of people from all walks of life and a large number of students were in attendance. The event opened with the recitation from the holy Quran and Naat. Principal of AKHSS Kuragh thanked the guests and participants. While highlighting the importance of the holy month of Ramazan, she said we learn, feel and observe tolerance, forbearance in this month every year and it shows unity in diversity and peaceful coexistence. She emphasized the importance of religious education and shared the outstanding results of the school in this year examination. Among the 15 participants in Qirat, Khalid Ahmad GHS Warijun got first position, Arshad Rehan student ofFrontierCorpsPublic Schoolsecured second and Karima Shehzad, student of AKHSS Kuragh grabbed the third position. Among the 20 participants of Naat, a student of GHS Barenis, Wasimullah, secured first position, Mohammad Azhar Uddin of AKHSS Chitral second position and student of Paragon College of Commerce and Management Booni got the third position.  In this competition, a special encouragement shield was given by the judges and the school to a student, Mehfuza, of AK School Ovirk (Garam Chashma) for her participation in this competition coming from far-flung and hard part of Chitral in terms of poor road, transport facility and journey of five to six hours. After conclusion of Husn-e-Qirat and before the start of the Naat competition, religious scholar Amir Shah delivered a concise lecture on the importance of the month of Ramazan, the holy Prophet (PBUH), his leniency, kindness, morality, humanity and his greatness among the prophets as “Rehmat-a-lilalameen”. The chairman education KPK Mazhar Hussain also delivered a lecture emphasizing the Sunnah of holy prophet and his principles of justice, equality with reference to the events took place with Suraqa Bin Malik. The chief guest, ex-secretary local government KPK Rehmat Ghazi said the message of the Prophet is not confined to the boundaries of a country but it was for the human being and his preaching itself manifest this reality and world endorses his principles of morality, equality and respect for humanity up till now. “It is the responsibility of the teachers of Chitral to develop the elements of resiliency and forbearance in the students that the recent incidences of suicides among girls demand immediate psychological treatment and the present girl students are the future foundation of the families should be properly be trained, empowered and given equal participation in all walks of life”, he said. Principal Zulfiqar Ali said that organizing such a big program for the students of whole district is a great job. It ensures better participation and representation and develops healthy competition among students. It is the indication of our love and respect for Prophet and following his Sunnah and dissemination of his grand message. He also mentioned his perturbed and ill at ease on the cases of suicides in students of Chitral. President of this Mehfil, Gul Nawaz Khaki, a poet and writer, shared his verses in the honour of holy prophet. He said that we are speaking creamy words loudly but have no love and respect for the prophet in reality as we see no practical steps for observing the saying and deeds of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Whatever the participants presented in this competition almost all did justice with them. In this Khowistan it would be better to present Naat in local dialect; Khowar. It should be a part of our endeavour to preserve our heritage comes from it, he said. With concluding remarks he prayed for peaceful, harmonious, developed and prosperous Pakistanand thanked again school honouring him as president in this Mehfil.–Alhaj Muhammad Khan]]>

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