Kidnapped shepherd murdered in Nooristan

Report Luke Rehmat KALASH, Aug 18: Afghan militants have killed the Kalasha shepherd, Abaduddin, near Bragamatal (Majam) in Nooristan. He had been kidnapped along over 800 goats by the militants on Aug 16 and taken to Afghanistan’s so-called Nooristan province. He was shot in the mouth and his body bore marks of wounds, reports said. On 16 August, 19 armed Afghan militants attacked Kalasha shepherds at Bahul’aret and kidnapped a the shepherd besides snatching 800 goats. Mr. Fazal, the scout in-charge in Mumurt, had said during an interview on 16 that ‘’ these people were Afghan militants and they will kill this boy.’’ He was sure about his murder and he had been informed about the militants movement in the region? Then why the forces did not take measures to ensure security for Kalasha community, local people from Kraka village told this subscriber. Zahir Shah and Barat Khan told that ‘’they were in Nooristan high pasture Pitigal with Nooristani shepherds; we had been given shelter by Nooristani shepherds’’. From 2am, the militants opened fire on us, but the Nooristani shepherds put up resistance and protected us. Then the next morning, they urged us to go back otherwise militants will kill us.’’ Responding to a question, they said “We had seen the militants, they were divided in two groups and each group consisted of 18 armed people and their faces were covered, because we saw them from far away and we were helpless nothing for self defense.’’  Local sources added that ‘’ Abad Udin’s death body was recovered from near a lake in Majam (Bragamatal). Responding to this situation, Zahire said ‘’Yes if his body was recovered from the aforesaid area then its true, because the militants had passed through the place and we were forbidden to go there.’’ Abad Khan, the elder brother of Abaduddin, talking with this subscriber expressed the hope taht his brother is alive. “I am sure my brother has been taken to Nooristan because we have found some of his sweater, shawl and some papers he had left on different places and I am hopeful of his safe release.’’ He said many people had gone to Nooristan and will have dialogue with local Jirga for safe release of his brother and the goats.