Prof Rahmat Karim Baig

Unemployment and its impact

Prof. Rahmat Karim Baig

‘A man does not live by bread alone, he has a mind to think and heart to feel’

The quotation given above is one of the famous English proverbs. It has got many wise references for us. Human life is a complex entity with individual qualities, merits and demerits, competency, high and low energy, psychological aptitudes and many other hidden values that surface on particular occasions but remain dormant as long as there is no such specific occasion.

With regard to present socioeconomic conditions faced by communities and individuals the depth of the proverb becomes clearer and understandable. Our young generation has entered an age of highly competitive stage in every walk of life and failures to achieve one’s goal or goals is going to lead each educated young man or woman to depression and a prolonged depression is very harmful for the people concerned.

Food is one of the prime human needs followed by a respectable position in society but the overall view of unemployment is terrible and the role of the men who are at the helm of affairs is disappointing. Today our young generation is facing a grim situation and it is because the political leadership has failed to provide equal opportunities to the educated youth.

They were given admission in colleges and passed out as graduates and postgraduates but that degree is useless when a vacancy is announced as the job seekers are in thousands and only a few get it by hook or by crook. The rest are once again on the streets. This situation may lead to: major street crime, drug addiction, smuggling, suicides,  hypertension,  family quarrels, disobedience  and murders  etc.

Why? Because we have given wrong education to right persons – the quite intelligent children of our society. The simple BA. MA. Degrees are pretty useless. Instead we had to give them technical education in polytechniques; trained them in various and almost limitless disciplines that have opened recently.

Different trades should have been imparted to them to make them useful citizens instead of simple literacy qualification. Skills were needed and still needed by the society. Our society and hence our national demand is the creation of skilled men and women who could contribute to the economy or at least to be able to stand on their own feet.

The 2nd shift system in arts and natural sciences in a number of educational institutions is useless as there are no labs for the students and no electricity to conduct practicals. Our education policy is based on miscalculations.

The jobless young men and women do think about their future and feel the worst type of injustice and it is very dangerous for the future of all of us. An empty mind is the devil’s workshop and a devil can do anything any time and he could be blamed but it is wrong to regard him/her on the wrong side of the issue.  

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