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  1. Jalal Salarzai says

    Dr sb a disppointing and biased approach once again..your so called survey is no more than a Tiss o che Pattiso seems that your are making ground for the Yaftali Of Laspur who has recently decided to contest the upcomming election as an independent candidate..we were not expecting such a biased journalism from man like you.

  2. Zohaib Alam says

    Dr. Faizi i mean to say that at least you should mention who, when and where conducted this survey. I don’t want you to produce references at the end like journal article. It could not be a journal article also.

  3. ijaz ahmad says

    Respected sir dr Faizi! PTI govt has been focussing on education and health sector but not developmental works…what would be your comment about the improvement in edu and health sector during PTI regime please??

  4. Gohar Zaman Islamabad says

    Good idea! But my point of view is that for the forthcoming general elections (2018), we have to cast the vote of those candidates, whose party is expected and will be able to make government in the Federal as well as in the Provincial Governments rather than to field independent candidates. The ambivalent and poignant experienced is that for the last and sitting governments; our Member of Provincial Assembly (MPAs) were and is focusing only on posting/transferring of PTC teachers while setting aside their primary duties. This poor performance of the both sitting MPAs are limelight that we are too part of this poor performance because we had elected such candidates who have no affiliations with Federal as well as the Provincial government so definitely they have to resort to posting and transferring of PTC teachers. Now, we irrespective of our party, to cast vote those candidates, whose Party would be able our future Prime Minister and Chief Minister Sheely for uplift and development of our backwards and beloved district Chitral.

  5. Inayatullah faizi says

    Dear Ijaz ! I think you are misled about PTI.This govt could not recconstruct two pedestrian bridges in Chiyral bazar in two years after the flood of June 2015. Where does it stand ?

  6. ijaz ahmad says

    the dr saib comment has never been neutral but always partial…he would always write against pervaz musharaf military rule…later in ppp govt when he along with other passangers were stranded in lawari tunnel then his mind suddenly changed and said”the military regime of mushraf was far better then ppp govt”…in his recent conclusion of so-called random survey he excluded PTI from the list which is an emerging political power in doubt,some influential figure can’t influence the appointment in PTI govt…so they don’t want the revival of a transparent system…thanx

  7. Dr Inayatullah Faizi says

    Mr Zuhaib ! You know This not academic research and there is no space for references in online papers. You can deny the facts and situation on ground.

  8. Shahid Khan says

    The idea is good but Dr Sb has not been able to nail this. If the sole purpose is to bring your man into the sitting government why split your vote amongst Five independent candidates making them all loose. Narrow things down ,the next federal government will be from either PML N or PTI coalition so vote for either of them. PTIs priority will not be roads or for that matter development of Chitral while PML N has already showed its good intention by funding 86 % of the amount required to complete the Lowari tunnel. This too in a constituency which voted for Musharaf . PML N is for Chitral and “ all” should vote it in .

  9. Zohaib Alam says

    like other writings an un-referenced write up of Dr.Shb

  10. Shah Ahmad says

    Dr. Faizi You nailed It. The backwardness of the present community in the developmental era of 21th century is due to bad governance of our leadership. The concept of party system totally destroy the entire developmental process of mountain community. hope the community must concerned about the idea of independent candidates in 2018 election.

  11. Sharifullah says

    This is the only solution to our problems.Let us do away with the flags and banners of political parties and choose our members from amongst ourselves.

  12. chitrali says

    this is very true,we chitralis should vote an independent fair candidate

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