Yarkhun valley still cut off

BOONI, Aug 16: While the army managed to restore traffic on Chitral-Mastuj road at Kuragh on Aug 15, people of the Yarkhun valley are still stranded in their villages due to the damaged road at Brep.

In the meanwhile, roads and bridges connecting a number of villages in the flood-devastated Mulkhow valley are yet to be repaired fully and people are using long detours to reach their destinations.
Two army helicopters started sorties to the Yarkhun valley and delivered relief goods at Brep, Pover, Zupu etc and on their return evacuated people from the area to Booni. This is for the first time that relief goods were sent to the flood-hit village of Khruzg which still remains disconnected due to the blockade of the Yarkhun road at Brep where the Darkhot stream is still flooding intermittently.
On August 3, floods in the Dizg Gol washed away five houses and partially damaged scores of other houses besides burying standing crops and fruit trees in the Khruzg village. The displaced people were forced to live in their relatives’ houses as no relief goods could be brought to the area due to the blocked road.—SN Peerzada

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