MPAs angry over govt officers' absence from DDAC meeting

[box type=”info”]Skipping DDAC Chitral meeting showed government officials have no respect for people’s elected representatives: MPAs[/box]CHITRAL, April 24: The absence of district government officers at a meeting of the District Development Advisory Committee (DDAC) was strongly resented by MPA Saleem Khan and MPA-elect Sardar Hussain. saleemEven though the meeting chaired by Saleem Khan as its chairman was convened in the deputy commissioner office, DC Shoaib Jadoon did not turn up and sent his representative. Besides, none of the heads of the district government departments bothered to attend the meeting. Because of the attitude of the government officials, both the MPAs expressed their strong reservation and anger and said that this not only showed the officials’ lack of interest in the development of Chitral but also indicated their disregard towards the authority of the provincial government. The MPAs demanded that the government should take action against these officials so that they can realize their responsibilities towards the public service. They said that the officials were public servant not the rulers of the people and they would have to change their mindsets. This also showed that the government officials had no respect for the elected public representatives. The MPAs said that in future the absence of any official from the DDAC meeting would not be tolerated. —Nazir Hussain]]>

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  1. Of course, it is alleged that he is involved in corruption and has raised commission from the previous 2 percent to 3 percent. He is the man who has never come to his office before 12-o-clock and treats the decent people of Chitral very rudely. His arrogance can be gauged from the fact that he left his office an hour before the chairman of DDAC Saleem Khan convened a meeting of the committee. Saleem Khan, the poor fellow, did not act against him as he is also corrupt and a corrupt person cannot act boldly. The DC is surely an stigma on the face of the PTI government which beats the drums of transparency and honesty.

  2. OUR DC Shoaib Jadoon is involved in malpractices inside Chitral in the shape of nepotism, favoritism, and misusing the public assets for its own will. so appearing in front of public representatives will be quite hard for him to face and the same case with the other heads of departments who do not know their job.

  3. Perhaps the government officials do not like the newly-elected MPA as he is talking about merit and elimination of corruption. But we all know that if he did what he says than it will be a full stop to money making machine of the government officials.

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