Wheel jam strike on Sept 1

CHITRAL, Aug 27: Wheel jam strike will be held on September 1 throughout Chitral to register a protest against turning down of repeated requests by the residents of Chitral to establish a 132 kv grid station in the district to provide them the much needed 30 mega watt electricity from the Golen Gol hydropower project. The project is likely to be commissioned to work by the end of the year 2014 whose generated electricity is scheduled to be added to the national grid through the grid station situated in Timergara. The people of Chitral have vehemently the idea and have been assembled in a single platform named as Power Committee which consists the district presidents of all the political parties and the representatives of the civil society. In a meeting of the committee held here on Tuesday addressed by its exponents Hayatullah Khan, Maulana Jamshed and Hussain Ahemd, it was resolved that the strike will be an historical in the history of Chitral. They said that the strike will be all peaceful and it is aimed at giving a strong message to the government that the people of Chitral will to go to any extent of sacrifice to get their right of electricity generated by the local power station.–Zahiruddin]]>

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