Shuhada-e-Chitral football league in Chitral

Shuhada-e-Chitral football league inaugurated

Irshadullah Khan

CHITRAL: The Shuhada-e-Chitral Football League 2023 organized by the Frontier Corps North to honour the courageous sons of the soil who made the ultimate sacrifice for their motherland opened here today.

The event is a vibrant celebration of unity, resilience and talent with 20 teams participating in the league.

The opening ceremony was a spectacular display of patriotism and culture. Participating teams marched past in unity, while schoolchildren proudly sang the national anthem.

The traditional Chitrali dance performed by the Chitral Scouts added a cultural touch to the event and a musical performance on national songs by students of Aga Khan High Secondary School resonated with the audience.

Chitral Scouts music at Shuhada-e-Chitral football leagueThe sky lit up with a stunning fireworks display, filling the hearts of attendees with awe and joy. The youth of the area were elated about the event, expressing their belief that it not only provides an opportunity for local talent to shine but also serves as a heartfelt tribute to the Shuhada.

A significant number of locals, including enthusiastic youth, officials of the district administration, Frontier Corps North and other guests graced the opening day events with their presence.

The final match and closing ceremony are scheduled to take place on October 20, 2023.

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