Missing man from Chitral traced in Karachi after 45 years. Baba Sultan

Missing Chitrali man traced after 45 years

KARACHI: A 73-year-old resident of Upper Chitral, who had been missing from home for 45 years, has been handed over to his family with the support of Jamia Rabbania, Qasba Colony, Karachi.

According to a news report, Baba Sultan came to Karachi for a job in 1978 after a year and a half of his marriage, leaving his two-month-old child and wife back home and never looked back to his family.

Baba Sultan settled in Karachi with hard work and for unknown reasons he cut off all contact with his wife and children and his entire family.

His family members started searching for him after waiting for his contact for some time and after searching everywhere lost hope to find a clue to his whereabouts.

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