Rashobeeni pasture in Lower Chitral. Chitral popular places

Rashobeeni, a hidden tourist spot in Chitral 

Gul Hamad Farooqui

In Chitral, there are still so many beautiful places and tourism spots that are unexplored and hidden from the eyes of the authorities and tourists as well as the media. 

Rashobeeni, a summer pasture of the people of Bhisti Valley in Garam Chashma Lower Chitral, is one of such tourism spots. This eye-catching place is located at an altitude of 13,500 feet above sea level. There are greenery and wild flowers everywhere in Rashobeeni. Very cold and clean water comes out from the foothills of the mountains in natural springs. This water flows down in the form of a canal which is twelve feet wide. Whenever the locals come here for a picnic, they must have a jumping competition across the canal.

There are naturally green grasses everywhere and it looks like someone has laid a green carpet here. While coming to Rashobeeni, there are green trees everywhere, forests and plenty of clear and milky water springs coming out of the mountains. 

The beauty of the valley has been further enhanced by these springs and greenery. Being located at a height of 13,500 feet above the sea level, one must face difficulties here, but when one reaches here, they forget everything after seeing these beautiful scenes.

There is a quite peaceful atmosphere here, with the chirping of seasonal birds and the sound of flowing water, it fascinates the person by making very pleasant music like sounds.  

Local people said that this is our summer pasture. Women also come here and in the local people used to enjoy picnics here with their families. But due to the large number of on-local people visiting the area to extract minerals and emeralds from the mountains, women no longer come here. When a tourist first reaches here, the surroundings present a paradise look. But due to bad condition of roads, this heavenly valley is still hidden from the eyes of the authorities and tourists as well as the media. 

This scenic valley of Rashobeeni is till unexplored and no one from media had arrived here for its coverage before our team. 

When Chitral Today team reached here, the people of the area welcomed them warmly with great joy. The local people say that this is the first time in the history of Chitral that a media team has reached here for its coverage and now it is hoped that this area will also become a tourism attractive spot. 

By showing it to the whole world, our fate will also be changed. 

Rashobeeni in Lower Chitral picnic spotMirza Wali of the area says they used to come here when he was young and here we used to compete in jumping across the canal which is twelve feet wide.  After visiting the area, we also used to sleep here. 

Local people say that the tourism department claims about spending millions of rupees to promote tourism but unfortunately this tourist spot has been neglected by them. 

The people of Bhesti and Rashobeeni valley demand from the authorities of the tourism department of the federal as well as provincial governments that roads should be built here to develop tourism in this beautiful area and a traditional sports tournament should also be organized here so that this area also attracts the attention of tourists. 

By declaring a tourism spot and promoting tourism here, poverty and unemployment can also be eradicated from this backward area by promoting tourism here.

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