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Kalash woman returns from Greece after 32 years

GH Farooqui

CHITRAL: A Kalash woman who left her native area after marrying a man from Greece has returned after 32 long years. 

Local people told ChitralToday that Moi Korela has returned to her native Birir village along with her two sons and a daughter. However, her husband had died five years ago.

Moi Korela had married the Greek man on her free will in 1990 and left the country with her husband.

After that, the couple did not return and her parents could not afford traveling to the European country to meet her. 

The return of the Kalash woman along with her children to see her elderly parents and other relatives was made possible through the financial support of Talim Khan Kalash, a philanthropist. 

The parents of the woman said they had lost hopes to see their daughter after the passage of over three decades. They thanked Talim Khan for making it possible in their lifetime 

Moi Korela said her dream to return to her native area and meet her parents had finally come true through the support of Talim Khan.

She said she was fully satisfied with her marriage in Greece and lived there with her children after the death of her husband.

A large number of people were seen visiting the house of the Greek national woman to meet her and congratulate her parents. 


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