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Villagers oppose acquisition of their land for varsity

CHITRAL: The residents of Seen village have asked the government to construct the building for the University of Chitral on the land already acquired for the purpose. 

Speaking at a press conference, the residents of Seen village located on the outskirts of Chitral town, including Sham-ur-Rahman, Mohammad Akbar Khan, Mohammad Zafar Khan and Member National Assembly Maulana Abdul Akbar Chitrali, said the government had already acquired 160 kanal land for Chitral University at Spaghlasht to construct the building.

They said the government wanted to acquire their land for Chitral University, adding that this would deprive them of their ancestral land which they were using to meet agricultural needs.

The residents asked the government to avoid acquiring their land as it would create problems for them and deprive them of their livelihood.

They said 350 families owned the land and cultivated it to grow vegetables, wheat and fodder for animals.

The residents maintained that acquiring agricultural land for construction purposes by the government amounted to a violation of the court ruling. 



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