1.2 million patients treated under Sehat Card Scheme

1.2 million patients treated under Sehat Card Scheme

PESHAWAR: Under the Sehat Card Scheme of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government, over 1.2 million patients have been treated free of cost so far at a cumulative cost of Rs29.5 billion.

Under the Sehat Card Scheme, free treatment facilities are available to the patients in 1,115 empaneled hospitals both of public AND private sectors across the country, including KP. The annual cost of the program is approximately Rs23 billion.

This was stated at a meeting held on Sehat Card Scheme on Thursday with Chief Minister Mahmood Khan in the chair.

The meeting was informed that so 106,000 cardiac patients have been treated free of cost. Similarly, 1080,000 gynae patients, 58,000, 85 cases of kidney transplant and nine cases of liver transplant have been covered under the scheme.

The chief minister has directed the quarters concerned to include free treatment facility of bone marrow transplant in the scheme, adding that a formal proposal to this effect should be submitted for approval as soon as possible.

He said that bone marrow transplant was an expansive treatment and out of the reach of common man. Our ultimate goal is to facilitate the common man as maximum as possible, he remarked.

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