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Massive public show against district admin in Booni

BOONI: A massive public show was held in Booni bazar this morning, a day after the district administration demolished water tanks established by local people at Qaqlasht.

The people of Booni had yesterday reached Qaqlasht and restored the water tanks and warned the district administration against trying to occupy the community land declaring it a state land.

Today’s protest was perhaps the biggest in the town. Speakers on the occasion criticized the deputy commissioner of Upper Chitral for provoking the masses by challenging their stance of ownership on Qaqlsht. They said while Covid-19 cases were rising everywhere the DC had compelled them to come out and hold a protest.

They said the people of Chitral were famous and known as peaceful and law abiding but the DC Upper Chitral misused his authority imposed Section 144 in the area to harass the locals. The unprofessional attitude of the DC and the assistant commissioner has created chances of a clash between the people and government departments in Upper Chitral, they added.     

They reiterated their stance that Qaqlasht is a community land belonging to the people of Booni, Mulkhow and adjoining areas and would remain in their common use. 

The protesters called upon the government to immediately transfer the DC and AC from Upper Chitral.–Sher Afgan 

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  1. Shah jahan says

    All land belong to Allah and should be used by its people freely where comes the govt to claim our lands.

  2. Sultan Mehmood says

    This is a rare show of unity to claim their rights by the people of Booni. The people of Torkhow and Mulkhow should also join hands to protect the precious common property of people of upper chitral and do not allow the DC to occupy this as state property.
    People in other parts of both upper and lower chitral should be vigilant and alert so that no common communal property is declared state property in the name of land settlement.

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