Flood-hit Golen valley still cut off

CHITRAL: The valley of Golen remained inaccessible by road for the 18th consecutive day on Sunday after it was hit by a glacial lake outburst flood (Glof) that washed away its only road besides affecting about 500 households.

Secretary to the government for relief and rehabilitation Amir Latif had to return to the city on Saturday from the first bridge after he set off to visit the glacial flood-hit valley. He also witnessed the people crossing the ladder-and-rope bridge at the risk of their lives.

One has to cover 5km distance on feet to reach the first village Bubaka of the valley after nearly three weeks of the flood that had partially damaged four suspension bridges and road virtually cutting the cup-shaped valley surrounded by mountains from rest of the area.

The residents decried the apathetic attitude of the government to reconnect the valley with other parts of Chitral. At present, the area people have been facing shortage of food items and other essential commodities.


He said that the district administration had failed to stock food and non-food items in the valley before the flood hit it though environmental experts had issued warning of Glof after visiting it on June 19.

He said that rehabilitation of the link road to the valley was essential for carrying out rehabilitation of infrastructure, including the headwork of 108MW hydropower station that was also swept away by the flood.–Zahiruddin


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