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Cable car? first at least repair Chitral’s broken roads

AYUN: Leaving Chitral’s main roads to ruin and add to the suffering of the locals as well as tourists, the KP government’s announcement of launching a cable car project between Kumrat valley of Upper Dir and Madak Lasht of Lower Chitral is a cruel joke.

This was stated by Jandula Khan, a social and political figure of Ayun, while talking to ChitralToday correspondent Muhkam Uddin.

He said the provincial government has dumped the Chakdara-Chitral expressway project to divert funds to the phase II of Swat motorway. Moreover, it is not even launching work on the construction of the Ayun-Bumburate road and in order to befool the people of Chitral has now announced that Rs32 billion would be spent on installation of the cable car over high mountains from Kumrat to Madak Lasht.

Such a project can be visualized only on papers and this announcement has been made just to divert the attention of people from the government’s callousness to ignore burning issues of Chitral and giving priority to projects in Swat at the behest of the chief minister and federal communications minister who belong to that area.

The PTI government should at least realize the gravity of the problems the people of Chitral have been undergoing due to the broken roads and bridges, especially since the 2015 devastating floods. This party has been in power in KP since 2013 and during these seven years it has utterly failed to launch any public welfare work in Chitral.

Now after dumping all the major projects such as the Garam Chashma and Bumburate roads, it is coming out with an announcement that Rs32 billion would be spent on installing a cable car from Upper Dir to Madak Lasht.

This shows the government’s lack of vision and priorities. Even if we believe that the PTI government would launch the cable car project and complete it, can it give the dividends to improve the life of the Chitralis? How many people would be using this cable car and how much revenue it would generate?

It is also to be noted that our public representatives have utterly failed to raise the issues of Chitral at proper forums and get them resolved. Like the PTI government, they have been raising non-issues in assemblies in order to hide their incompetence. As a result, the government does not give them any importance.

It is time the political leaders of Chitral, including those belonging to the PTI, should join hands and press the government to launch work on all those projects in Chitral that were visualized and approved during the last five years.

They should also force the government to first compete the already approved projects and allocate funds for any work in other parts of the province.

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  1. Hundred percent true whatever Mohtaram Jandula khan says.CM should stop his racist behavior and mentality regarding Chitral and Chitrali culture.This project is impossible and not visible, he should spend these money the possible and vary needs projects in Chitral as khan stated.It looks like CM wants to open a political kickbacks and commission doors for hungry PTI’S Ministers and political activists NOT for the real developments of Chitral.we saw his resist mentality when he diverted Chikdara- Chitral Expressway toward Sawat, Shandur controversial between Chitral and GB and New Upper Chitral District still without staffing and building after almost seven years.we all Chitralies political parties regardless of their political affiliations should come together and raise their voices as One Chitral against these barbaric behaviors of PTI’S Government and specially Mehmood Khan CM of KPK.

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