Space is shrinking for pedestrians in bazar areas

CHITRAL: Space is shrinking for pedestrians in Chitral bazars due to increase in population and rush of vehicles.

Moreover, lack of traffic engineering is also adding to the mess, creating lots of problems for visitors to the market areas.

Now crossing road has become almost impossible for pedestrians at four important roundabouts in the town. Even accidents have become routine at Atalegh Chowk, Goldur Chowk, Polo Ground Gate and Klup Risht Pump Chowk.

Though traffic police personnel help pedestrians in crossing the road by halting traffic, it is not a solution to the issue and neither there are police deployment round the clock.

In order to facilitate the citizens and avoid accidents, the local administration should install steel overhead bridges at these roundabouts, said local people.

The residents have demanded that the chief minister KP should allocate special funds for this project.

Moreover, if the district administration stops vendors from gathering at these points, it will further ease out the rush.

The vendors could be shifted to somewhere else so that they could continue their business.–Muhkam Uddin Ayuni

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