Chitrali nurse sacked after testing positive for Covid-19

PESHAWAR: A Chitrali nurse working in a private hospital here was told to go home and self isolate after she tested positive for the coronavirus.

The nurse, Irum Shehzadi, belongs to Sarghuz, Mastuj, and worked at North West Hospital. After developing the symptoms of Covid-19 when she took up the matter with her superiors they did not take it seriously. She then went to another private hospital and got herself tested. When the results showed that she had contracted the virus, North West Hospital did not even allow her entry and told her to go home on unpaid leave and self isolate.

She was later admitted to another hospital where she is being treated for the infection.

Social media users from Chitral demanded the government take action against the hospital management for not helping the patient after she contracted the virus.

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