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Over 200 people at quarantine centre want to go home

BOONI: Over 200 people returning from different cities have been kept at a quarantine centre at Govt Degree College near Booni. They have asked the local administration to let them go home.

Two youth returning from Islamabad, who are among those quarantined at the college, told ChitralToday that they reached the centre on Thursday and were kept in a room along with 10 other people.

“We were provided rice and potato  curry last night and tea with tandoori Roti in the breakfasts this morning. Blankets and mattresses have also been arranged in tbe room,” they added.

They said after they crossed the Lowari tunnel police escorted their wagon along with over 20 other vehicles to Chitral town. From Chitral they hired private vehicles and the police escorted them to the quarantine centre.

On the way from the tunnel, they were checked at Drosh and asked if anyone was feeling unwell.

Upon reaching at the quarantine centre, they were told that they would be kept there for 14 days.

But all those in the centre want to go home. The youth said on Friday morning they were told that they may be allowed to go to their villages with a direction to remain in a government school in their respective villages till the completion of the mandatory two weeks quarantine period.

“I can quarantine myself at my home in a separate room and spend the two weeks comfortably. Here I am not feeling comfortable and my family is also concerned about me,” said another man at the college.

He said more people were expected to arrive at the centre and it would be risky to live among the crowd.

He said only those with the complaint of flu or any other symptoms should be quarantined because keeping each and everyone was creating problems not only for the travellers but also for the local administration.

The time between catching the virus and experiencing symptoms — the incubation period — is 1-14 days but most commonly around five days, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

It means if a person is infected by the virus he/she can infect others without showing any symptoms of the disease for up to 14 days.

So as a precautionary measure, all those coming from major cities are being quarantined in Chitral.



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