Coronavirus: political parties seek complete lockdown in Chitral

CHITRAL: Representatives of different political parties at a meeting here on Friday stressed the need for a complete lockdown in Chitral to keep the two districts safe from the novel coronavirus.

Chief minister’s adviser on minorities’ affairs Wazirzada MPA chaired the huddle attended by Jamaat-e-Islami MNA Molana Abdul Akber, Abdul Hkim Advoocate of the PPP, Eidul Hussain of ANP, Molana Abdul Sami of the JUI and others.

The meeting unanimously demanded that keeping in view the geography of Chitral and lack of medical facilities, the only option to keep the valley free from the deadly virus was a complete lockdown.

They said movement of people from one place to another within Chitral should be ensured by strictly implementing Section 144.

They said the main checking point should be established on the other side of the Lowari tunnel (Upper Dir side) and it should be ensured that no person from other area entered Chitral. Besides, the government should strictly implement the ban on inter-district public transport.

They said despite the inter-district ban, people were still arriving in Chitral from Peshawar and Islamabad and other parts of the country putting a question mark on the ban.

So far, there ahs been no case of the virus in Chitral and two of the suspected patients referred to Peshawar have tested negative while the result of the third one is awaited from NIH Islamabad.

The participants of the meeting said besides the Lowari tunnel, strict monitoring should be carried out on other entry points in both Upper and Lower Chitral to check the entry of outsiders.

Except the drivers and their helpers, no other people should be allowed to enter Chitral on goods transport vehicles.

The meeting also demanded coordination among all government departments and civil society organizations. The government was also asked to provide safety kits to all doctors and paramedical staff in Chitral.–Muhkam Uddin Ayuni

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  1. Strange, nothing was discussed about stopping congregational prayers in mosques which continues full fledged as usual, putting to naught all other efforts of social distancing. Baighairati is our national trait. No body wants to put their hands in the hornet’s nest. ‘khud faribi hi khud faribi hai’.

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