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EX-minister strongly opposes govt plan to close NADRA office

CHITRAL: Former provincial minister Salim Khan on Tuesday called upon the federal government not to close down NADRA office in the sub-tehsil of Garam Chashma.

In a statement, he said the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) office was set up in Garam Chashma during the previous government to facilitate over 50,000 people of the area.

Now it has been learnt that the PTI government has ordered the closure of the NADRA office in the remote area of Chitral.

“On the one hand the PTI government never tires of claiming that to serve the people of backward and remote areas and on the other it is even shutting down public welfare projects initiated by previous governments. What type of Insaf is this,” he wondered.

The PPP Chitral leader said that the NADRA office in Garam Chashma has been issuing national identity cards more than its target and a building for its office has been provided free of charge.

The government decision to close it would create hardships for the locals who would have to travel to Chitral town to get news CNICs and renew the old ones.

He called upon the interior minister, chairman and director general NADRA to make arrangements for the opening of a permanent office in Garam Chashma to facilitate the area residents.

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