45 people committed suicide in Chitral in 2019: HR activist

CHITRAL: On the International Human Rights Day being observed on Dec 10, a human rights activist said 45 people, including 30 women, committed suicide in 2019 in Chitral.

This number is very alarming for a population of less than 0.5 million a good number of which lives outside Chitral, said Niaz A. Niazi, who is also the spokesman of PML-N Chitral.

He said a majority of the women who ended their lives were married. This showed that they were not treated well by their in-laws forcing them to take such an extreme step.

He said at least 250 people ended their own lives in Chitral during the last nine years. This is a critical situation and the government and other stakeholders must take steps to stop the trend.

Mr Niazi said whenever a person, especially a young woman, threatens to commit suicide in anger it should not be taken lightly rather special care should be taken of such a person.

There have of late been rising demands for a scientific study to ascertain the actual causes of the rising incidences of suicide in Chitral so that steps could be taken to check the dangerous trend.




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