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You stole our dreams!

It would be fortunate or unfortunate that the Wakhi-Tajik people are mostly living in the remotest and mountainous areas of Afghanistan, China, Tajikistan and Pakistan. In Pakistan, the Wakhi people are living in three regions. They are in Gojal in Hunza which connects Pakistan, China and Afghanistan, Ishkoman in Ghizer and Broghil which is located in Chitral.

Every year a large number of domestic and international tourists visit this God gifted area. So it’s clear crystal that these areas have great importance – economic as well as geographical. We can’t deny that the people who are living near the borders have always played a vital role in development. But these people are always ignored and their basic fundamental rights are not given to them by the state.

Living in Broghil is like living in the stone age, forget having a proper educational system, basic healthcare, roads, electricity and communication. During the winter season this area receives 5 to 6 feet of snow. People are totally isolated for 5 to 6 months and there is no more wood and coal for heating purposes. Just imagine the temperature from October to March, cooking, heating fuel, gases and other facilities are just their dream. Life is totally stuck.

Tough people and tough life, still you say we‘re part of this state. In 2011 Central Asia Institute Gilgit (CAIG) committed to serve these deserving people and started working in the fields of education, healthcare and vocational training. Initially eight primary schools, one high school and one college were established in the valley.

Over 530 students were enrolled and more than 40 teachers were appointed. CAIG also provided fully funded scholarships on need and merit basis. Probably their top priority was education and that was solved and gradually CAIG also initiated to work on the other sectors but unfortunately government agencies in return gave them a reward by freezing their accounts. This disturbed the studies of the students and rendered all the 40 teachers jobless.

It could be right that the state has stolen their dreams. If not then it means the state put the citizens aside and got into different controversies, especially with educational organizations.


Ashiq Ali



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