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Slain man’s pregnant wife also found murdered

CHITRAL: The body of the woman whose husband was murdered two days back was recovered in the same area where he was found slain and dumped on Tuesday.

Waqar alias Shahinshah from Izz village of Garam Chashma entered into love marriage with the woman from Dir-Kohistan last year.

The woman was pregnant and expecting a baby next month. Two days ago the couple along with another family hailing from Swat and living in Izz had come to Chitral town and did not return home.

The body of Waqar was found on the riverside at Shali Gol yesterday. Local people today found the body of the woman dumped in the Khanisgher area on Garam Chashma road.

It is feared that the family from Swat who had come to the Izz village and developed friendship with Waqar had planned the assassination of the couple at the behest of the family of the woman for marrying him without their consent.

The incident has left serious questions on the working of the police and other law enforcement agencies in Chitral.

Some years ago, a woman from Garam Chashma was abducted from her village and taken away all the way to Torghar district (Kala Dakka) in Hazara division after one of her relatives contracted love marriage with a girl in a Pashtun family.

Police in Chitral are still clueless about the whereabouts of the family from Swat who lived in the Izz village and disappeared after the murder of the couple.

The body of the pregnant woman was brought to the DHQ hospital for a postmortem.

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