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JUI workers leave for Islamabad to join Azadi march

CHITRAL: Workers of JUI Chitral left for Islamabad in a motorcade of over 50 vehicles to join the Azadi march.

The workers were led by MPA Molana Hidayatur Rehman, ex-MPA Molana Abdur Rehman, senior vice president JUI Lower Chitral Qari Jamal and Amir JUI Upper Chitral Molana Sher Karim Shah.

Talking to media here, JUI leaders said that their movement for ousting the selected government would succeed and the prime minister would very soon resign.

It is not a genuine elected government rather is an outcome of forgery, they added.

The JUI leaders vowed to remain seated in Islamabad till the resignation of present government.

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  1. Sarwar says

    In humble opinion this march by JUIF have very negative implications on our Society.For the first time madrasas and mosques will be controversial.

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