Villagers set deadline for restoration of water supply

CHITRAL: The residents of three villages on Friday announced to stage protest and road blockades if the irrigation system in their area was not restored within three days.

Speaking at a ‘Press Forum’, Khwaja Amanullah, Wali Muhammad, Hamidullah, Zafar Ahmed, Muhammad Sharif and Motabar Shah of Moori Payan, Barghuzi and Kojo Bala villages said that the people had been living a miserable life for the last 50 days due to scarcity of water for irrigation and drinking purposes.

Photo by Bashir Hussain Azad

They said the outburst of glaciers in Golen valley had played havoc in the area and the irrigation system was completely tumble down as 130 pipes in Moori Payan, 110 pipes in Barghuzi and 100 pipes in Kujo Bala were washed away. The villagers said the crops and orchards had also been affected.

Regarding the assurance made by the deputy commissioner, they said they had pledged to provide pipes within three days to restore the irrigation system but nothing had been done so far.

They said the problem was not so difficult for the district administration to resolve as it had to provide 340 pipes. “We are left with no other option but to block the Chitral-Booni Road in protest if the government and district administration don’t address our burning issue,” said Khwaja Amanullah.

When contacted, Lower Chitral Deputy Commissioner Naveed Ahmed said, “I can understand the poor people are going through a miserable condition, but let me assure them that the restoration of the irrigation system devastated by the floods is under process. I will personally visit and supervise the repair work for the restoration of the irrigation system once it is approved and funds released by the government.”
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