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Parental perception towards gender education

By Suraya Afzal Aman

We know that male and female are an integrate part of society, and society is incomplete without any of them. Women play a pivotal role in the development of a country. Men and women are two pillars of a society and it is true that education of a girl is like educating a family while educating a boy is merely educating a single person.

Aristotle says, “Education is the reconstruction of human mind.” From this point of view, we may say that education is the sum of the experience which moulds the attitude and determines the conduct of both male child and adults.
As we glance at Pakistani society, it has a complex dynamics due to the diversity in cultures and traditions, especially in the tribal areas of Pakistan. They prefer sons against their daughters because the former are supposed to be a helping hand for their parents.
Parents think that whatever they spend on sons is worthy while spending on daughters is wastage of money because they are considered as guests of other homes and liabilities. Still they have the perception that after being empowered women take part in decision making process.
This situation has left the women folk almost behind men in all walks of life. Early betrothal system of marriage bounce them into take part in marriage decision. In some backward areas of each province this practice is still prevalent due to strict traditional norms females are not allowed to attend co-educational institutions.
Let me give the example of village Region’s “that’s situated somehow just near to university campus but due to traditional perception females are not allowed to attend higher educational institute at university level. There are so many other case study areas like this one which needs to be changed according to the need of the time. So that we may also stand in the line of those countries where literacy rate is high…
As there are different suggestions to enhance female education in such traditionalist areas, the mindset and psychology of the people should be changed by awareness programs and mobilization so that they may know about importance of female education. Financial support to that needy parents for female education; mass awareness campaign about the importance of female education removing gender disparities and to give priority for female education. If all these are initiated wholly and solely we will march on the path of development and progress.
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  1. Babar khan says

    Well analysis,being educated its our prime responsibility to create awareness about the importance of female education in modern era. Survival of balance life would be impossible with out female for this purpose there should be different type of seminar,campaign etc about the importance of education and there should be equal opportunities for both male and female,then it would be possible to eradicate the discrimination in our society..Thanks

  2. aman shah says

    A realistic analysis towards female education in pakistani society…well done

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