Dua held for air crash victims

To offer our humble condolences for this tragic event, a small but very emotional memorial was held on January 7th, 2017, 30 days from the crash. The families of Gul Jee, Manzoor Ali and Zahir Uddin came together and offered prayers for the departed souls. One candle per person was lit for each individual on flight PK-661. On the same evening, a special Du’a was held for all those who lost their lives at Richmond Hill Ismaili Jamat Khana. Everyone also prayed for strength and patience for all those family members and friends effected by the crash.– Gul Jee.]]>

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  1. Lit candle, observed one minute silence, etc, what traditions we are following?
    The historian will mention that some Chitralis sitting in Canada played their role in eroding the beautiful Chitrali traditions in order to prove their modernism. This is very unfortunate.

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