Stranded Chitralis protest outside DC office in Upper Dir

However, the protesters complained that no official came out from the DC office to listen to their grievances and resolve their issue. They were kept on waiting since early in the morning till the evening without opening the tunnel. The NHA and the Chitral Scouts said that due to heavy snowfall, the approach roads to the tunnel were closed and the tunnel would be opened on Wednesday. But the passengers could not get the information and reached upper Dir early on Tuesday. The protesters also exchanged harsh words with the people of upper Dir after they blocked thro ad in front of the DC office. The Chitralis chanted slogans against the Upper Dir administration for creating hurdles for them and not listening to their grievances. They said that it was the fault of the local administration and the NHA that they did not clear the snow from the approach roads and at the eleventh hour decided not to open the tunnel without informing the passengers. As a result, hundreds of people, including women and children, had to endure the severe cold under the open sky.–Shahzada Zaka Uddin]]>

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  1. It was not the fault of administration and NHA rather it is fault of the transporters of Peshawar and Islamabad who always sent vehicles on evening.

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