Grief-stricken families wait for bodies of loved ones

Wali Khan, a relative of Salman Zainul Abedin, who was on board the doomed flight, saidthat a family can only get over the shock of a loved one’s death after they have buried a body. “Waiting for the bodies is even more painful. The uncertainty has taken a toll on all of us,” he added. The family of Atif Mehmood, a Civil Aviation Authority employee on board the plane, have also been faced with a similar situation. His cousin Jawad Ullah said the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (Pims) administration took blood samples from Atif’s brother and that the body has not yet been handed over. “We have dug out a grave in our village near Abbotabad and have been coming to the hospital everyday for the body,” he said. Families are also worrying that human error could lead to the wrong body being handed over to them. However, Pims Administrator Dr Altaf Hussein said it will be ensured that there is no negligence on the part of Pims. So far, 13 bodies have been identified and 11 have been handed over. “We have used legal, medical methods for identifying the bodies, not one of which could be identified from the face. We also called in the dental history or lab tests of the victims, which was how we identified Junaid Jamshed and his wife,” he added. The Austrian victim of the crash, Herwig Eichelbenger was identified as he had an implant in the knee. “There was proof that he had an implant in the knee, but we collected the model number of the steel plate and asked the manufacturing company if they sold it to the victim,” Dr Hussein said. “Eichelbenger’s and Junaid Jamshed’s bodies have not been collected yet. The DNA tests will be received after which all identified bodies will be handed over to their families,” he added. Published in Dawn, December 14th, 2016]]>

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  1. Where is PTI in KPK
    1. Its your government in KPK
    2. The ATR crashes in KPK on 07 dec 2016
    3. Most of the passengers are from KPK
    4. KPK police makes a wrong decision of taking the bodies to Abbottabad where
    there are no facilities of morgue DNA tests etc
    5. The Abbottabad hospital identifies 5 bodies on day of crash 07 Dec
    6. KPK Chief Minister tells hospital not to give bodies till he come on 8th at 11
    7. Husband of identified air hostess is kept waiting at PIMS that body of
    airhostess will be delivered after CM visit. CM doesn’t turn up at
    Abbottabad the whole day.
    8. Bodies are shifted to 3 hospitals in RWp /Islamabad. Then collected and moved
    to PIM Morgue. where is KPK government ?
    9. DC family given coffin without identification
    10. Rest of coffins moved to Rawat.
    11. No KPK govt desk at PIMS to help their province.
    12. ON 8th Dec morning just after one day relatives on their own initiative turn
    up at PIMS and give DNA samples and complete information ID cards /Photos
    etc etc on victims and surviving families and go back to Chitral as they are
    told it will take 7 days for result. where is KPK government ?
    13. When relatives return to Chitral PIA calls every family to come back to
    Islamabad and give DNA samples once again, meanwhile its snowing in Chitral.
    14. PIA is not aware PIMS has already taken DNA sample from relatives, reflects
    lack of coordination between PIA & PIMS . where is KPK government ?
    15. Four days later authorities want DNA sample from mothers too and want them
    to come down from Chitral ( not realizing what state are they in ) where is
    KPK government. ?
    16. Eight days after crash its announced that 30 bodies are identified . PIMS and
    PIA start calling all families to PIMS to collect bodies. Lo KPK government
    rep Naeem ul Haq turns up for a selfi. Arrangement are made to lay 30 wreaths
    on the 30 Coffins but only 12 coffins turn up. The Minister apologies
    sheepishly that there has been some misunderstanding in calling all the
    people, Naeem ul Haq tries to sneek out and the public confronts him. He is
    lucky he escaped without a scratch.
    17. Only 2 bodies of Chitral are identified they are not given to the relatives
    but moved to CMH Pindi till rest of the passengers are identified. where is
    KPK government ?
    18. CM visits DC house in Islamabad but doesn’t bother to go to PIMS even after
    8 days
    19. How far is Bani Gala from PIMS ?
    20. Havent the KPK public been treated like Ber Bakri and most of these victims
    were PTI supporters.
    Shahid Khan

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