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Federal govt to arrange C-130s for Chitral, lawmakers assured

This assurance was given by minister of state for parliamentary affairs and adviser to the prime minister, Sheikh Aftab Ahmed, to MNA Shahzada Iftikharuddin and MPA from upper Chitral Sardar Hussain here on Tuesday. At a meeting with the minister, the lawmakers from Chitral highlighted the communication issues of Chitral where the 0.6 million people have stranded after the suspension of the PIA flights and the closure of the Lowari Pass due to snowfall. The MNA and MPA requested the federal government to take immediate measures to mitigate the suffering of the people of Chitral. They also said that there was an urgent need for the opening of the under-construction Lowari tunnel for at least two days a week. On the request of the two lawmakers, the minister assured them that this issue would also be taken up with the NHA to facilitate the people of the area. He said negotiations on the hiring of the C-130s were already underway with the army.]]>

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  1. Said Hakeem says

    What has a minister of state for parliamentary affairs got to do with authorising C130 for Chitral?

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