KP govt refuses to allocate land for Chitral hospital

PML-N Chitral spokesman Niaz A. Niazi Advocate.  In a ststement on Fridsy, he said instead of providing healthcare facilities to the people of the backward and remote district the PTI government was hindering the establishment of a state-of-the-art hospital in Chitral by the federal government. It is an anti-people decision of the KP government and shows its enmity towards the people of Chitral, he added. Mr Niazi added that the provincial government was just to allocate the land after which the federal government would purchase the land and construct the building and provide all the facilities for the hospital. He said by refusing to allocate the land, the KP government exposed its ant-people approach. He said the federal government would construct the hospital at all costs even if the KP government tried to create hurdles in the way of the project.–Bashir Hussain Azad]]>

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  1. Especially Mr Prime Minister visit Chitral and announced different packages for the development of District.A hospital with 250 beds is among one of them, building this hospital is utmost need of area because these are the people of Chitral who faced worse problem in case of accident and emergencies not the chief secretary or chief minister of KP.I don’t know why KP government is hindered in development of District Chitral.

  2. KP govt has nothing to do with people of Pakistan and Chitral. For the last three years non of the KP minister visited Chitral even at the time of serious floods and earthquake. When PM visited Chitral three times and announced huge developmental packages KP govt resorted to hinder these packages in jealousy and people of Chitral condemn this act of KP govt. Imran Khan has nothing to do with the people of Pakistan and Chitral because he already got sympathy of third umpire and if third umpire is there what is the need of people of Chitral and their health or other problems………..

  3. There is a difference between Journalism and loud speaker. This is such a sensitive issue and instead of making a news out of Niazi Sabs claim a journalist would Verify and fact check the claims from the relevant quarters. You should seek views of secretary health and ministry of information kpk. Both are on Whatsap and reply within an hour to any query.

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