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The outdated system of education

Albert Einstein once said that everybody is a genius, if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it would leave the whole life believing that it   is stupid. Today our modern day education system kills the children creativity. Everything have changed, as in the past people were using animals as mode of travelling which has replaced by airplanes and other modern transport system, herbs were used as medicines now replaced by modern medicine  and advanced laboratory system and , but  nothing has changed in our education system. The same outdated assumption of   education is practiced that is go to school, get good grades and will find high paying job with great benefits. The person who has given the idea of the testing system had once said that this system should be reviewed and revised otherwise it is extremely crude to kill the children creativity and must be banned. I am not the opponent of getting good grades and achieving quality of education. But I would rather encourage parents to play their role in  embedding vision to the children and   they should not be dependent on the education system to produce a quality vision oriented children for them. Unfortunately, as we must realize that our existing education system is  just based on the one component of intelligence, this was discovered in the past that is logical intelligence, hence our existing system prepare our children for the past rather then for the future and a  person is considered as outstanding if h/she has good memory skill but literally it is not the same. According to the theory of multiple intelligence there are nine types of intelligence and we must guide our children and give them direction based on their intrinsic intelligence. I would like to reproduce the types of intelligences here which are as  Verbal Intelligence i.e. someone will be good at speaking, and could be a good teacher. Logical Intelligence will be good at calculation. Visual Intelligence; the person will be artist, photoghpher,and designer. Musical Intelligence; Might have expertise on singing, dancing, Body Language Intelligence; might have sportsman spirit, dancing. Naturalistic Intelligence; lover of agriculture, animals, could be a good farmer. Existential Intelligence; could be a good scholar, philosopher. Intrapersonal Intelligence and Interpersonal Intelligence that would be people smart , people bank and  social genius.  You will find these intelligences being one of the main factor in the history of the successful people life. As our education system still in the wake of producing quality employees rather than producing employers.  Nowadays, there is need of  producing employers in the world rather than employees.  As there are thousands of highly qualified people wandering in search of jobs and even ready to accept peon post. This reflect and endorse the poor   and visionless system of education and it  is also an  alarming situation in the world but unfortunately, least attention has been given towards It so far. Everybody has different perception about success, but success to me is to gain some strength to deliver back to the society, like Abdul Sattar Edhi, Imran Khan, Bill Gate,   and the number on the list goes on, who are contributing a lot for the wellbeing of the society and create everlasting legacy in life rather than becoming an affluent man in a sole family. A study was carried out on the life of successful people and it was observed that the people who gained excellence in life were those who luckily chased their dream based on their   inner intelligence. Interestingly, none on the list of 500 hundred successful people were  a doctor, engineer  , chartered accountant or any other top notch gazetted officer who are the people who have qualified the modern schooling test and criteria and most of them are employed by those who chased their dream and achieved success. Based on findings and research, as per my opinion I would suggest that we should not discourage our children if h/she gets low grades and the children competence must be evaluated based on all the types of intelligences and to give them direction accordingly in order to ensure their success in life. Otherwise, it would be just like judging a fish by ability to climb a tree and the result will be  a disaster.  As , we used to read and see students committing suicide after failing or getting  less numbers in the class. Hence getting good grades is not the key to success in life. There are many factors to be considered and the children creativity must be explored and appreciated.  Usually most of the parents used to get counseling and suggestion for children marriage but never think of taking   counseling to determine children future direction and  instead the children discouraged and insulted by comparing them with others. As everyone is unique, if you will compare with other definitely you are insulting him/her which result in killing his/her creativity and intelligence. There is beautiful Quote.” If you are comparing yourself with other, then you are insulting yourself.” Hence stop comparing, explore creativity, encourage healthy competition and appreciate your children to think out of the box, and guide your children to be a role model for the future generation , then I think , the dreamed word success will be guaranteed.]]>

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  1. Eid Hussain says

    Many thanks to all of you for yours encouraging feedback…

  2. Rahim says

    Important issue has been highlighted.Good advise for career development.

  3. Khesrau Hayat Kakakhail says

    Great. This would be a great step to expose the rubbish educational system in Pakistan. I appreciate the writer; who, himself is an Educationist and always struggled to pave the new generation on such a way that they would be able to pursue what they want.

  4. Babar Khan says

    Great, Mr Eidul Hussain.. your thinking is very comprehensive and to the point, your inner feelings are visible inner your article.
    Keep it something surprising. It seems that you have the talent and the topic is really great and relevant.

  5. shamsul haq says

    more than 1000 % agreed

  6. Sher Zaman says

    Agreed with his comments. Mr. Hussain has good potential to write on such important issues like education etc. Best of luck brother.

  7. Sher Zaman says

    In the above mentioned topic Mr. Hussain has really highlighted the education system in Pakistan. It is appreciated and i am fully agree with his comments.

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