Warid’s claim of 4G service goes up in smoke

With this, the regular users of Warid srvice turned their 3G Sims in to 4G and enjoyed the service for a few weeks. But very soon the downfall of the service started with slow browsing and low capacity. The speed provided through 4G service remains less than 3G, particularly in evening, which has putted the customers in troubles. Besides, the mobile users and many internet users rashly purchased the 4G internet devise to enjoy fast internet service but their joy came to an end within a couple of weeks. People involved in cellular business say Warid was the only service providing 4G, so the number of its customers immediately jumped putting pressure on the service. They said current users of Warid 4G service was much higher than the anticipated number according to which the service had been designed. Customers asserted that the company had betrayed its clients by claiming about 4G quality service and actually failing to extend it. However, the local customers have demanded that Warid should immediately resolve the issue so that they could use the service without any problems.  Otherwise it would be understood that Warid deliberately deceived the customers of this backward area.]]>

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