Site selection underway for LPG plant in Chitral

The project aims at providing clean and environment-friendly fuel to consumers of Chitral. The scheme is to transport LPG to terminal via road using bowsers and pump it to the city after air mixture. This will be same as natural gas utilisation through pipeline like in the rest of the country. Initially, three sites – Sayour, Gumbaz and Chumarkun – are being considered for the installation of the plant in the town area while site identification is also being done in Garam Chashma, Booni and Darosh as well, the DC office said on Sunday.]]>

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  1. Anything going through wires or pipes will fail like the golen water supply and ptcl wires because there will be corruption in using the proper material and substandard quality of work and there will be no check on it because those who are supposed to check, will take bribe and allow substandard work. We will be crying very soon.

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