Senator questions lack of security on Kalash valley border

Samina Abid Samina Abid[/caption] In a statement issued here, she questioned the failure of the Chitral police as well as the paramilitary personal deployed at the border in tracking down the militants. “If this is the performance of our police and the paramilitary force, what’s the use of their deployment there,” she regretted. Senator Samina said she would take up the issue in the upcoming session of the Senate, adding all those involved in the negligence, especially the Chitral police, which failed to protect the life and property of the Kalash community, would be discussed in the upper house of parliament. “I don’t know why the police are taking these poor Kalash people so lightly….aren’t they citizens of Pakistan, and if needed I’ll also move a calling attention notice in Senate so that the issue for providing security to Kalash will be discussed in detail to make their security foolproof,” she added.]]>

4 Replies to “Senator questions lack of security on Kalash valley border”

  1. Brave Princess, grand daughter of our visionary Mehtar H.H Nasir ul Mulk. Her late mother the Queen of former state of Amb-Darband was known as Lasprik Khonza.

  2. We the SHARIEF people of Chitral are always on mercy of Politicians. Please help the poor kalash people.Allah will reward you on the day of judjement. We the people chitral pray for success of PTI in future

  3. Kalash might be the innocent community globally in terms of their social contact with the outer word in all respect.They never think of a slight damage, injury to anyone. In such a situation series of warning, dacoity, attack on Kalash communities by the intruders has been a permanent threat to the region. Our security forces deployed in the areas must be vigilant to avert such incident on time, otherwise, security of Chitral would be in danger. All concerned are requested to be in line for effective measures at their end in this regard.

  4. I agree with the statement of Senator Samina Abid that Kalash people should not be left at the mercy of the intruders from Nooristan.This incident has occurred in the border area of Shawal-ustoi at a distance of Three kilometers from the “USTOI CHECK POST “Where a joint force of the personnel of CHITRAL LEVIES,CHITRAL SCOUTS and the army are reportedly stationed. This border area is primarily under the protection of this joint force. There is always a danger of such attacks in this summer season because similar attacks have been made in such areas in the past. Negligence on part of the security personnel stationed at the “USTOI POST ” is loud and clear. And they are answerable for it. Protection of life and property of the Kalash people is the constitutional responsibility of the state. Your voice in the Senate of Pakistan will definitely drag attention of the governmental authorities towards this most important issue of protection of the Kalash people of Chitral. Highlighting the issues relating Chitral by Senator Samina Abid is highly commendable.

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