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Teacher of private school arrested

arrestThe police took the action after a video clip showing the teacher attacking the students including girls with sticks on the compound of the private school went viral on the social media The police identified the teacher as Inamul Kabir, who is also the owner of the Learner School. The teacher was beating the students for coming late to the school on Tuesday morning.]]>

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  1. Nizar Ali Shah says

    This is the ugliest incident of its kind in Chitral.Words are shallow to express and condemn this.His this ignoble act with the innocent children is a slur on the fair name of teacher or teaching profession.Exemplary punishment is required for this satanic act.God Almighty has endowed human being with reason and intellect.Beating them like donkeys is a travesty of justice and an inhuman act.

  2. Haider says

    There is no shortage of hard working, honest, kind and loving teachers in the beutifull and peace loving District of Chitral. We should not generalize this specific incident and action of one psychopath.There is a difference between punishing and discipline little kids. This type of brutally beating children is unimaginable for any normal and civilized human being. Any one even supporting such type of act through social media or any other way should also need to be in mental hospital or jail! I request the Authorities to punish such elemennts to the full extent of law, so the future of our generation is protected.This is clearly child abuse and is unacceptable in any civilized society. I prey for these kids that may Allah (SWT) blessed them with the best of this life and hereafter (Ameen). I would also like to request their parents to please seek counseling for these little Angels and make sure to let them that whole civilized humanity is with them.

  3. Dr Inayatullah Faizi says

    Thank You Mr Irfan Ali Taj for the good work exposing a wild beast in the disguise of a teacher . In khowar there is a line of song ” Kafiro Rakhum no boi , Musulmano xan poloyir ” . In the video , the unscrupulous principal of the school called ” The Learner ” in seen in a mood that can be dubbed as mentally disturbed person . His school should be closed and he should be punished under terrorist act . I would like to suggest that the case may be be referred to the military court and the culprit should be punished just like the attackers on APS Peshawar. I would like to appreciate the good work of Irfan Ali Taj and expect each and every citizen of Pakistan to follow his footsteps to expose this enemies of Chitral .

  4. Chitrali says

    Punishment is OK and punishment has many ways to do if you are a capable,motivated,honest and sincere teacher. We all respect that type of punishment but brutally killing and beating is not acceptable and that type of punishment is will pull back to savlevery,killing of moral. And send children two hundred years back. He was beating them like and animal. He should be send to mental hospital and at least 20 years jail .

  5. Anisur Rehman says

    This is no way acceptable. This is disgracing the teachers. The guy who has uploaded it on face his facebook page has done no service to the young genwratiin of Chitral. If the stidents are not beaten uo by teachers, they will turn out to dingers, sitari, dolchi and what which is exactly what IrfanTaj has been doing. We don’t want our young generation to become sitari and dolchi. We want them to be educated. Punishment to a teacher for beating up the students for being late to the school is not acceptable. The teacher in question has no personal enmity with the boys and his punishment was meant to be at studies which is not possible without beating some boys. This is warn all Chiyralis that if punishments at schools by teachers is stopped, a good number of them will turn out to be damaachi, surnaichi, bashyak, phonak, charsi, niswari and all the bad thing a particular group of young boys is doing in the name promoting khow culture. Pls save the poor teacher. Our sympathies and supports are with him.

  6. Engr. Yasir Ali Hamza says

    The video of the innocent school kids being beaten brutally by their savage principal went viral in no time as soon as a social media activist, Irfan Ali Taj, uploaded it on Facebook. It generated so much impact that the news broke in almost all the channels in national media. Education minister of KP had to take notice of the incident & immediate action was followed.
    The ‘beast’ in the guise of a teacher was chained & put behind bars immediately due to the blessings of social media.
    This video brought so much criticism and shame to our district that our heads were hung in shame when the news broke out. It has put a dirty scar on the beautiful face of Chitral.
    The culprit should be imprisoned, punished & made an example so that no child suffers in the future. State must ensure that he doesn’t take advantage of the loopholes in the legal system & media should pursue the case unless he gets his punishment.
    Lastly, I want to applaud the one who secretly made the video & Irfan Ali Taj for realizing the issue & putting it on facebook.
    Engr. Yasir Ali Hamza

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