Measures needed to save scenic Ayun from more floods

ayun The lake is temporarily subsided in winter; however, reports suggest that it has the potential to become bigger than the current one in the coming autumn beginning April, 2016. Keeping into account the climatic changes in the region, there are high chances that the streams in Kalash valley will cause bigger floods in the coming season and if quick action is not taken, Ayun village will completely submerge in water. The government authorities must take strict measures to clear the river channels, particularly at the ‘Ayun Goal’ site before the valley is hit with other devastating and untamed episodes of floods. The authorities namely, ‘PDMA, Irrigation’ and ‘Communication and Works’ (C&W) must understand the gravity of this situation and give the Ayun floods crisis their number one priority. The Provincial Government should play their role and declare Ayun as an area that is at a potential risk to be hit by the calamity once again and announce emergency. It should also announce special funds for Ayun and direct its concerned authorities to immediately start its work on clearing the Chitral river channel. The writer is a retired senior civil servant and leader of PPP Chitral.]]>

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