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Chitral school’s British principal gets visa at last

Zulfiqar Ahmad

ISLAMABAD: Langlands School Chitral principal Carey Schofield issued visa on direction of Interior minister Chuadhry Nisar Ali Khan. 

An official at the Ministry of Interior on Friday confirmed to ChitralToday that interior minister Chaudhary Nisar Ali Khan had granted the work visa to Ms Schofield on the recommendation of the Board of Investment (BoI).

It may be clarified that all working visas to foreigners are issued on the recommendation of the BoI. It was alleged that some teachers sacked by Ms Carey had managed to get the renewal of the visa for Ms Carey stopped about five months ago through Major GD Langlands, the former principal of the school, who is one of the former teachers of Chaudhry Nisar.

However, notables of Chitral town, especially Shahzada Sirajul Mulk, a member of the school’s board of governors, along with Javed Majeed, former DC Chitral and the founder of the school, played an important role in persuading the minister to issue the visa to her again. Later, Shahzada Sikandarul Mulk along with the teaching staff of the school visited Langlands in Lahore and brought him to Islamabad to convince the minister to issue the visa.

MNA Iftikharuddin pursued the case on the floor of National Assembly as well as through his personal capacity using his good connections with the interior minister. Senator Samina Abid was the one who kept raising the issue on the floor of Senate from time to time. She reminded the government on several occasions that any move to stop Ms Carey from coming back to Pakistan would be a disservice to the people of Chitral as her sole purpose to come back was to educate the children of Chitral.

When contacted, Major GD Langlands told ChitralToday on telephone from Lahore that he was excited to hear that Carey had been granted a visa, saying her presence in the school was needed the most. He admitted that there had been misunderstanding between him and Ms Carey which were cleared after the school teachers briefed him about her performance.

“She’s doing a wonderful job and we all should help her,” he maintained. “There had been misunderstanding that upset her [Carey Schofield]…things have been cleared and I’m glad she is back.”

He said that after he was informed that Ms Carey had managed the school in a wonderful manner, he went to Islamabad along with the teachers of the school to personally talk to Chaudhry Nisar to clear her visa.

“I spent 12 days in Islamabad as the interior minister was busy due to earthquake…I could not meet him due to his busy schedule but sent him a message that Carey must be given a visa,” he added.

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  1. S.Bukhari says

    Totally agree with Habib for his nice suggestion. As we the slavery mind people of chitral still looking for farangheez today for every thing. Kindly DC chitral now focus ur attention on this private institution and solve the problem.

  2. Habib says

    Oops!the school is dying slowly and the administration is silent over all this drama!plx stop this Carey Carey game!there was corruption in hiring teachers,in admissions and in finacial affairs…Teachers are busy in sugar coating their comments in favour of their boss…busy in playing politics and leg pulling…after reading the comments I have come to know that there is a race of struggle for survival ,s strong wish to gain favour and a tendency to push one another back..Plz DC SB you have come over to CHITRAL to save us from perpetual slavery plz turn towards this schools to make it free from the grip of greedy vultures!

  3. Students of T.L.S.C says

    You are right sultan. I think this is a time now madam Carey should realise her mistakes. This boy along with a particular teacher is exploiting the environment of t.l.s.c by doing politics from very initial day of admission.At the time of 1st year admission many competent and qualified students were dropped and this boy was handpicked by mam Carey. Further he did not appear in interview also but even then he was selected. It is a big question mark for those who claim to be transparent. Is this transparency? Is this justice? Becose of this boy one of my friends had been dropped from the merit list.Further his class teacher must understand that, class prefact must be regular, competent, talented and of good behaviour. This guy doesn’t possess any skill. A boy remains absent for 25 days can’t be able to become CR. we request mam Carey to start inquiry of his admission as soon as possible.

  4. Sultan says

    @A dropped student: This is a test case for Ms Carey Schofield. Why Carey is not ensuring merit? I know nothing will happen in this particular case as the mother of the boy in question will shed some crocodile tears in front of Carey Schofield, and then she will bury the case under the carpet just like corrupt officials who are known for bulldozing merit.
    We hope and pray to Allah to save the British lady from these flatterers or else she will automatically lose the support of those who stood by her in the recent case when she was about to be blacklisted by interior ministry. A stitch in time saves nine, Ms carey. Be VERY, VERY, VERY careful of those busy in flattering you for their own vested interest.

  5. A dropped student says

    Dear Nick Bowen,
    You must have gone through a comment by Inshan Ali that how an incompetent boy was given admission by Ms Carey Schofield after he hardly scored THREE (3) marks. Let me share some more details with you. The boy’s case was forwarded to Ms Carey but contrary to his 0/0 performance she recommended him for admission at TLSC as a first year student. It was not only a shock for the teachers of school but forced us all to cry in utter frustration for being dropped despite getting far more marks than him. The only qualification of the boy was that his mother was a teacher at primary school section.
    The boy in question remained absent for complete twenty-five days but his class teacher marked him present in one go. While another student was struck off for remaining absent only for ten days due to an urgent business. The difference was that the son of the lady teacher had the support of his mother while the other boy was an ordinary guy just like me. I just want to ask Ms Carey why this happened if she believes in merit? What was the fault of those students who got more marks than this boy? Why no action was taken against him when he remained absent for twenty-five days?? Can Ms Carey set an example by expelling him from the school as he is now doing full time politics along with a particular teacher of the school. The teacher has also hand-picked him as a class representative despite knowing that he has not passed even a single test so far as CR should be the most competent student of the class. We want justice and demand Ms Carey to hold a probe into it who is responsible to give him admission after scoring only three marks let me repeat “ONLY THTEE”.
    A frustrated student

  6. Syed ahmad says

    Dear student, if mam carey expelled here spy so who will do this job for her no matter how she teaches and what are the opinion of students against her. There are bundles of applications submitted against her but there is not a single action taken so what did we get from the story.
    Do you know that job of a spy is very difficult reporting each and everything of school every day required lot of time and energy. So we are requesting mam carey to increase the pay of such a brilliant spy. I know you people understand what i want to say ………..

  7. student of langlands school and college. says

    sahar ali you are right, i have also noticed that one of our female teachers is very dull,from one and half year i am trying to listen her but i cant learnt a single word,i have already submitted two applications against her to the principle but no one take action against her,because she is selected on the bases of favoritism.
    If she is not selected on the bases of favoritism as soon as possible she must be expelled. Its very shame to her that we students of 1st year take her subject with sir waheed in the break time.I am surprised to see that a teacher who dont know about chemical reaction then how she got her MSC degree. we humbly request to mam carey to please take action against her if i am wrong then evaluate her lecture with class 9th.

  8. sahar ali says

    i am the student of class 9th.i am very surprised to see her selected teachers.yesterday one of my teachers failed to explain chemical reaction during his lecture. what kind of teacher he is?why such persons have been teaching here from one year?
    student of langland school and college.

  9. sahar ali says

    Arrogant,dull,and illiterate teachers she selected for us. the teachers were totally time passers they just wasted our precious time. At that time our whole class was not satisfied with her selected teachers, our two chemistry teachers were also blamed her new selected staff and claimed that the new principal did nepotism and favoritism during teachers selection.
    former student of langland school and college.

    1. fariha says

      have you ever been to this school. i bet you never bcoz have you been to you would spell the name of the college correctly.

  10. Furqan says

    Plz Carey you must see the geographical and weather conditions of Chitral..all the schools of CHITRAL close from 24th DEC till 1st march…the weather get harsh and tough during these have not yet closed the school…students return back home without attending any class…their hands remain numb just because of cold wave

  11. S.Bukhari says

    @zia ul muluk and @ well wisher you both are good for writing a digest wuth no start and no ending. Whenever, you got a chance of writing then write it in few lines rather then a novel. I agree with shamsunnazr that why u people show such a great loyality.

  12. shamsunnazzar manothadl says

    میری آپ سب خواتین و حضرات سے درخواست ہے کہ اس فضول بحث کو ختم کریں اور مذید ایک دوسرے کی عزت کی دھجیاں نہ اڑائیں حقیقت کیا ہے کوئی نہیں جانتا۔ چترال ٹوڈے والے ذوالفقار سے بھی درخواست ہے کہ وہ اپنے ہم وطنوں کی ایک دوسرے سے بے عزتی نہ کرائے۔ اگر دی لینگلینڈز اسکول و کالج اچھا تھا تو اس میں کیری اسکوفیلڈکا ذرا بھی ہاتھ نہیں اس متعصب کیری نے جن اساتذہ نکا ل کیا اس پر چترالی عوام کواپنی ہتک محسوس کر لینی تھا مگر ایسا نہیں ہوا۔ ہم زندہ اور آزاد قوم ہیں اگر ہم ایٹم بم بنا سکتے ہیں تو ایک اسکول کیوں نہیں چلا سکتے۔

  13. a well wisher community member says

    Being a member of the society since long have been to bring some reservations to the community attention the threats of growing religious extremism at TLSC. Head teacher of the female section and one controversial female teacher at senior section who has been the great supporter of the sacked teacher and their groups are systematically trying to expend the network of religious extremism are providing safe heavens for their allies under a pre-planned agenda. This group is not only spreading religious madness in tolerate chitrali society where people belongs to different religions are living. This is the reality that this group was involved in mismanagement stealing of money and failure of dicipline at the era of Major Langlands. this jamati group was producing drug users students at TLSC, TORABORA like antisocial group was the product of this mafia, this group was started NO CONFIDENCE MOTION against Carey Schofield. And these teachers were using marijuana “CHARSE” is not harmful to the smoker himself. they can also become a risk to the students. This tradition was the routine at Major Langlands time still the teachers are using drugs and smoking in a staff-room is normal.
    Moreover one can not find any example or incident of secterian violance in the history of chitral in a private school. these extremists belongs to religious parties want to establish extremism. The controversial female teacher is frustated, upset and disturbed now because of the sacked teacher and shouting on the innocent girls using foul language like, ” shakal dafa karo” “BATAMIZ” “Behaya ” and always angry with students and using strange behavior during class. It has come to our attention that half literate teacher using hazardous example while explaining the topic “CENTER OF MASS” and ” CENTER OF GRAVITY” exploiting the classroom norms and this shows how he is caring the young kids? What kind of lesson he is giving to teenager? This shows the criminal tendency and sick mentality of a teacher.Make sure children have plenty of positive ways to get attention and power. the teacher does not have to use foul language. The male teacher who is head of the discipline working from the last one and half year, foul and rough language is his daily routine and he is giving physical punishment to the students also.Keeping these views one can really know the school is not at the hands of angels now.the present group of teachers are good in misleading and creating misunderstanding.Carey is a talented and competent she will not further suffer a gang of misguiders.

  14. Zia Ul Mulk says

    The debate on the school headed by Ms Carey Schofield in which people belonging to different walks of life participated, according to the British principal’s own interpretation, has forced us all to believe that it is still a big scandal. It is yet to be transformed into a reputable educational institution. The quality of education could be judged from the English written by some of the teachers of its Balach section who, according to their own claim opted to become primary schoolteachers. If they were to be believed they opt to become primary schoolteacher on their own free will and not for the sake of making a living. If this is not an exageration, it is quite impressive to note that there are some teachers in the school who are not making money rather their sole purpose is to teach primary school kids as a hobby. What a marvelous job. Here I would like to suggest Mr Carey to reduce the salaries of the teachers without any further delay who are not needy especially the one who owns a one kanal grand bungalow at Defence Lahore. She seems a very generous lady and has openly claimed that she is not into teaching for the meagre salary (as claimed by her) of Rs 65000. Ms Carey can hire two more teachers in the salary which she gives to female head of its school’s Balach section, as she herself declared that for her the salary she has been drawing is not important at all as she is rich enough financially. Another thing I would like to suggest to Carey Schofield is that she needs to arrange special trainings for her teachers as they seems complete stranger to the word “EDUCATION”. Their thinking revolves around either the tall mountains of Chitral overlooking Dolomuts, the Balach village, popularly known as a habitat of lizards (Balach Dodoran marh ya Dodoran mara qush kori asum) or Piteko Gaaz. Bring them out of this shell. As having a three-marla house at Defence is not a big deal. What the Chitralis expect from a teacher is to teach their children as the students have nothing to do how poor or rich the teacher is. If a teacher uses words like ‘ill-fated, wicked, etc’, can a British lady like you you would expect that such a nonsense teacher would groom the young boys and girls the way you want. You successfully destroyed Toora Bora, for which we’re grateful. But puffing cigratts by teachers, watchmen and the drivers of your school by comfortably sitting in the male staff room of your school is still continued. We’re anxiously waiting what actions Ms Carey is going to take about grooming of the staff who use bad language about the students. A little negligence to punish the teachers involved in using bad language for the students especially the girls will be the last nail in the coffin of the school headed by a brilliant lady like Ms. Carey Schofield. Good luck.

  15. Shahzaib says

    @ teacher. Comment means to write a large materials in precise manner. So plz kindly avoide from such lenghty and unfruitfull writing in future. As time is more precious thn your outdated comments. You people make a very small school so controversial that most of parentes are now concious about the future of their childs. Avoid from your loyality and focus on education of our chitrali childs.

  16. Habib says

    @teacher ..right from the beginning you have started media war against the innocent teachers who were sacked out of misunderstanding. their services were multiplied by zero by you people while you don’t know the reality…all of you became active against the poor souls and now again you are calling them corrupt, inefficient and did nothing…while in the present scenario you see how they are clung to the falling walls of the school with the salary that a normal teacher does not get throughout his service history…it is a fact that they went to Lahore out of greed because if ms Carey is there they can go ahead smoothly with continued salary….while during old times the salary package of teachers never crossed the limits of 30000…how can they be corrupt with such pay..most of them were female…..they were also ladies..respectable and weak…You remained silent and blind at that time and now your eyes are suddenly opened…Things are opening up slowly..dirty player in the game of chance are exposing themselves..wait for the time when all of you will face the adverse effect of your actions..Upon their return from Lahore the teachers themselves started naming and blaming each another that who is with them and who is against them…where the honour and respect gone at that time…?

  17. Farhan says

    I find it extremely derogatory that people are commenting on the personal lives of a respected teacher and her sister based in lahore. She is the daughter of Chitralis and is living a very good life in Lahore. It was her mistake to get involved with people with such mindsets. She is living a much better life than most chitralis can ever aspire to. I don’t want to dwell into the details as it would mean coming down to your level but i see very chitralis affording a house in Defense Lahore. It is a big thing to host 30 people in a house. Very few have the ability and the heart to do so. So please brush off people!

    1. Shamsher says

      @Farhan: How these people are exposing themselves. No one wrote a single word against the sister of female teacher but it is the female teacher herself who willfully dragged her sister in with the sole intention to cash in on the situation in front of Ms. Carey by saying that “PEOPLE MADE FUN OF HER SISTER”. What a smart move is this.
      I would suggest the letter again and again and decide how tactfully these people are maneuvering to get the sympathies of the British lady.
      @Teacher: Let us suppose we do not differentiate between a cozy three-marla house and a grand one kanal bungalow. Let us suppose you are not needy and poor. Let us suppose for you Rs65,000 is a peanut. Let us suppose you’d turned down the position of a BPS-17 gazetted post of a headmistress and instead opted to become a tiny primary schoolteacher. Let us suppose there was no fight at all over forced collection of Rs200 for using the electricity just for two days by the female teachers, who’d gone there just for extending support to their principal. the clarification given in support of the teacher is nothing but a STAMP on what the people said about them. Even a deaf-mute girl would understand how these people are trying to befool Ms Carey through these lame excuses. But this is for sure if Carey failed to take notice of these things, this is a writing on the wall that a handful of opportunists are going to create problems for her. She should hold a thorough probe what has been about these controversial people besides keeping a vigilant eye on them.

  18. teacher says

    Mr Mustansir were you in Lahore with the teachers?How dare you talk about a respectable lady without knowing the real story.
    Allah says: “Behold, you received it on your tongues, and said out of your mouths things which you had no knowledge of; and you thought it to be a light matter, while it was most serious in the sight of Allaah” (Surah Nur: 15)
    Many people have already talked about the visit of teachers of the Langland school and college to Lahore. Everybody must be enjoying the overall scene created by some propagandists, who have taken so much pain plotting the entire scene. Well here is a note on behalf of the female Teachers of the Langland school and college Balach Section. We were 30 people who went to Lahore as delegation with 30 of male teachers. This respectable teacher who has been targeted a lot in one of a stupid comment, have her house of “NONE OF YOUR HEADACHE” acres in Lahore. Out of her sheer concerns, Generosity and friendship with her staves she asked us to stay at her place during our short stay in the city. Accommodating 30 people at one’s house, giving them three times meal each day is tough job though but she still managed to do that, out of sheer embarrassment to stay at someone’s place for two days we even tried to give her some amount “Chanda karke” but she refused to take that from us saying that we are just like her sister. And wait a minute no body troubled us to pay any electricity bills and for the kind information of all the viewers of this comment, our stay at our respectable teacher’s place was very fine and we did not face any hardship.
    And yes before making fun of somebody calling her a primary school teacher Mr Mustansir needs to do some research for his general knowledge because its universally accepted fact that the most difficult job is to teach kids and calling someone a primary school teacher doesn’t ridicules her but makes her a respectful and a humble woman. Andeven if MsCarry Scofield had increased the salary of a primary school teacher to 65000 rupees then that is not something to criticize about and she wasn’t the only teacher whose salary had been increased but there were so many other teachers in all the sections who had increment in their salaries, and of course the hardworking ones ..:p65000 is may be a very big amount for you, but she is not a needy or poor person.So what she did is just for the future of our kids not for herself.
    We are very disappointed to see all this humiliation which has been made not only against a very respectful lady, but towards all of us, towards the whole school system. The foremost thing which is to be kept in mind by everyone who has popped up with their stupid comments is that please authenticate your information before telling it to the public. Don’t spread rumors against someone for your personal interest. Before coming up with your stories about the school system and teachers Mr Muntasir needs to have some authentic information because the world is not fool and every one knows what the teachers and students have been through for the last few months. It’s very easy to poke head on other matter without knowing the truth but putting ones feet in others shoes is the most difficult task.
    Specifically targeting a single female teaching bringing up her personal details on media clearly indicates that this is totally a silly act by people who are against the school, who have been terminated from their posts because of their ineffective services who have done nothing for the school but were there to fill their pockets. And whole Chitral knows the situation of corruption at Langland school and college before Carry.
    Last but not the least Chitralis give dignity to their sisters and daughters, using such slang words for a woman can never be accepted so please kindly think before you leap and mind your words.
    Hopefully many of your confusions shall be clear after this comment.

  19. Zeeshan says

    Call it our bad luck or the absence of Ms Carey as well as the leniency shown by her, this teacher has spoiled the environment of the school to the point of no return. Use of bad language such as “badbakht, ill fated, kameena or wicked against the students especially girls has become a routine matter. We beg you Ma’am Carey plsssssss hold a thorough probe into what this particular male teacher has been doing against the innocent students just because that he has turned out to be a blue-eyed of Ms Carey. We are dead sure that Ms Carey will not declare anybody her blue-eyed as she loves her students. I am sure she will take this teacher to task as he has crossed all the limits of decency.

  20. Habib says

    Here we know what the present management is doing.plz streamline you school buses to be on time ..the given time format is not followed.sometimes the bus comes early earlier and sometimes late.Children suffer during intense cold season…this never happened during the past years…again the balach section teachers have developed a new strategy of not returning the papers back..The papers should be returned that we may judge the strength and weaknesses of our children…I hope that msm Carey will help us in this regard ….@Zubee you must respect the public opinion..people are not dumb and blind…The school is not at the hands of angels now..the present teachers are good in flattery ,misleading and cresting misunderstanding. ..Carey is a good lady …well groomed ,talented and competent but she suffered a gang of misguiders and is still suffering.

  21. zubeee says

    shocked to see you guys teaching Maam Carey. she is enough competent and educated to understand who is against her and the school. what a non sense made my my chitrali brothers and sisters. You people are disgracing the whole chitral. if personal interest and favoritism is not there why you guys are shouting against some teacher and supporting some others. this is not the way to say here what u are trying to do.
    I believe Maam Carey is much able to understand how to manage a small school in such areas. she has much competent to understand what u are saying and trying to reveals you hatred against some teachers.
    let her come back and let her take the decisions. every one is glade with her return it means that we accept she is the best option in current time, so let her do every thing. who we are to teach her about some teachers that are sincere or not. who we are to decide that the departed teachers were up to the standard and they have been fired due to some other reason.
    Let her to decide plz and dont try to abjure some one’s service for the school.
    from the above comments i have realized that no one is sincere with the school and education of our youth. we are fighting for positions, jobs and personal interest associated with our self and our relatives.
    Ma’am Carey manage the school and make it better place for education not for politics. we have seen mono poly of most of the high profile people they were decision maker of the school now we are glade that it is in the best interest of the school what you are doing.
    we respect our all teachers but if they are not fruitful for the school right now they your decision can be the better option to fire them. we are with you what decision you have taken.
    however the the respectful departed teachers should realize that it is not a government agency that u must stay there for your whole life. in this sector you need to proof your self value for money other wise same case happens in every non fr profit organization.

    1. Zia Ul Mulk says

      @Zubee: how some people are trying to cash in on the situation in a bid to get job at t.l.s.c. after being failed in the test twice. After all the lucrative package offered by Ms. Carey has provided some people a golden opportunity to flatter her in order to secure yet another chance for trying their luck in the school through backdoor channels despite being failed to clear the test twice. We still vividly remember these people declaring Ms. Carey as the worst ever principal after she did not hire these people for one solid reason: HIGHLY INCOMPETENT MERE DEGREE HOLDER which in Chitrali language is called Pakhti pass. My suggestion to these people, leaving no stone unturned to please Ms. Carey is that they better try to find some other career in NGOs as no matter what Ms. Carey will never hire the flatterers even by mistake because she has already become fed of a controversial male teacher who’d ganged up against rest of the teachers of her team in a bid to be in her good book. At the end I would like to advise Ms. Carey to initiate a ruthless accountablity of all those busy in pleasing her. The time will prove how failtful and sincere they are with the school, or with you. Thier so-called respect is nothing but these are the few pieces of papers printed by the central bank of Pakistan that have forced this opportunist mafia to spend sleepless nights under the fake slogan of ‘WE WANT MS CAREY SCHOFIELD BACK’.

  22. Abdul Basit says

    I request to mam Carey plz do understand Pakistani psychology. These few teacher’s to whom you are giving too much importance are showing crocodile tears in front of you.Do remember that it was that woman who were trying to bring NO CONFIDENT resolution against you at the very time of your arrival. As for as this guy is concerned, he is busy in declaring his supremacy keeping you in confidence. These are sincere with you just becoz you are paying 50 plus. If someone else comes and pays more then you, the same teachers will take his/her side and start abusing you. Carey you should have to streamline everything and should equally treat all of your staff. Some people are playing double game with you.

  23. waseem hussain says

    The three highly profiled ladies had grudges and dislikes for the unfortunate teachers right from the beginning but langlands sir was so nice that he never got himself misguided but as soon as Carey mam came they sharpened their hatchets and attacked. were those innocent people not your teachers my dear brothers? miss Rubina, miss zainab, miss mukhtar and miss zakia all were targeted.Now you are getting hyper over their lot! let the Pandora box be opened!their arrows of enmity will be reversed back to hit them hard! Allah’s wrath will surely attend them no matter what they do.this is just the beginning! my friends!

  24. A sacked teacher says

    Let me make it clear to you that no one on planet earth can disgrace Ms Carey Schofield. How tactfully these people are trying to gain the sympathies of Ms Carey Schofield. But she still seems groping in the dark about her genuine supporters despite hearing a lot about her so-called supporters. We have no grudges against her. We just want to highlight those who misguide her. They are bent upon damaging her reputation. It is a request Ms Carey that she must be careful of those around her declaring themselves as her so-called supporters. If we are wrong the time will prove how many people who are busy in shedding crocodile tears in front of Ms Carey are her true supporters. Ms Carey will soon realize when a female teacher greets her with the concocted fuel bills claiming of using her personal vehicles in Islamabad for official use. Reality is too late understood and so soon forgotten. Same is the case here and Ms Carey will soon identify who are sincere for the school and who is trying to please her in order to increase her/his salary from Rs 65000 to Rs 100000 or from 45000 to 70000. I am sacked; I am incompetent; I am not good at English; I am disobedient; I am notorious; I am a manipulator and son on so forth. But those flattering you Ms Carey are genius. How happy you are hearing their broken English. How glad you are seeing them writing comments in your favour just like a kindergarten kid. Is this justice Madam Carey? We are not ungrateful madam. We are grateful to you for whatever you did for us no matter if even we are sacked. We will always cherish the little time we spent under your kind leadership. But the thing which we want to highlight is that still there are black sheep. Purge the school of all the black sheep. We gave our life for the school, but we never allowed any teacher to call names to students, their parents. How pathetic it is to see your teachers using derogatory and foul language against your students. Using the word “KAMEENA OR WICKED” is more dangerous I think? Let us see and wait what action madam Carey will take against the male teacher in question. If the appeal made by students went unheard the people of Chitral will be forced to believe that Ms Carey strongly believes in promoting nepotism and favouritism.

  25. Your loving students says

    Thank to Allah Almighty that finally some people drew the attention of Madam Carey towards a very important issue. This particular male teacher is the grandfather of the two female teachers in question. The thing which we fail to understand is that how Carey is dancing to the tune of such half-literate people as they have nothing to do with the school except projecting themselves. Who does not know when this particular teacher called names against students. He used foul language against the parents of the students. Can Ms. Carey hold a probe why this teacher used foul language against students as well as their parents? Or Carey will ignore this blunder committed by her blue-eyed teacher which is in no way acceptable? We are looking forward that Ms Carey will take action against this particular teacher for using the derogatory language for students and their students. We appeal you Ma’am Pls investigate that why this teacher called us “Kamena or mean”? He also said that our parents are also “Kameena”. Was this the purpose to hire him that he would train the students how to call names and indecent language? We leave this up to you Ms. Carey and wait what action you will take against him.

  26. Afzal says

    Mr. Mustansir being a educated citizen of chitral u must have thought what u are writing, every sentence, even every word of ur comment is revealing conspiracy, lobbing and prejudice. It is explicitly clear from your statement that you are part of a party who have tried to disgrace Ms. CARRY being part of the conspiracy against her. However being a student of the school, it hurts me when someone dishonor my respectful teachers.
    Before saying something about the teachers of the great institute you would have realized the honor and integrity of the teacher of thousands students. We bears same respect for all our respectful teachers. If you will see the fact with the lens of equality in your eyes you will hopefully realize who is wrong and who is right. Some of the teachers are trying to control on the strategic management of the school by removing Ms. Carey and some are trying to bring her back to control the school. And it is obvious from the past experience and custom who can be a better option “I hope u will say yes to Ms. Carey)
    Secondly you have tried to escalate the honor of teachers and respectful ladies by saying ill-mannered worlds and rumors. You are not concern of their personal life whether they are rich or poor, you must see the reason of their efforts. Sorry to say what a non sense u have said about their visit, their telephon calls and their charges, u have considered all of us idiot, no body is here to trust on you so made rumors.
    You must respect those who are optimistic and trying for the betterment of chitral and the educational institute, it is obvious that the return of Ms. Carey will be a great news for all parents, teachers and well-wisher of chitral. However some people like you are supporting those who have always tried to mitigate the system, they have always spread hypo in the institute.
    Your effort has no effect because all the visitor of this site are enough educated to understand you wills and reason behind it. 😛

  27. Purturb teachers of T.L.S.C says

    Respected mam Carey Schofield I would like to draw your attention towards a very serious issue faced by the school in these days. A male teacher who joined t.l.s.c is making all of his efforts to spoil your image by misusing your good name in order to glorify himself in front of you. Despite the fact that he is junior most teacher he is busy terrorizing your staff by indulging in matters of different section’s without any reason. HE EVEN claim that HE CAN TERMINATE ANY TEACHER IN YOUR ABSENCE. This has created a sense of insecurity among all your teachers, who are celebrating your return and victory against your opponents. But this man has dishurted all the staff saying except him and two other female teachers miss Carey would not listen to any other teacher. He even claim that soon he set to become a vice principal of the school. He also claim that he is the one whom Carey invited to Islamabad to receive her at airport. Which according to him is a certification of your trust on him. The rumors spread he is going to Islamabad bypassing all other teachers HURT other teachers of your school as you don’t believe in discrimination. You treated all of us equally but this man is hurting us through such propagandas. This man is bent upon teruishing the image of the school as well as you. You will be shocked that he has created a propaganda that mam Carey is going to appoint him as the head of female section of the school despite all his controversial past.
    We request you to rein him in before it is too late as no one should misuse your name for his/her own vested interest. As in this school no one is the authority except mam Carey Schofield. We don’t have any complain about Mr sher Hyder as he is the in charge of senior section but interference by this guy is not acceptable.

  28. Salim hussain says

    Cery these two woman’s can never become sincear to you. You should understand and realize the feelings of chitralies. Thousands of people are posting comments against these old black sheep’s. These are not stupid. Any how, time will tell you how sincear these women’s are.

  29. Shahzaib says

    Apropose najibullah with due respect and after reading ur writing i came to the conclusion that u being an ex-principal why underestimate ur potential in front of whole nation. If the lady visit oxford and dr.Qadir studied at Belgium and a nuclear scientist, why not u work for him. U people treat ur heroes like a criminal and invite those which havnt any type of any contribution. Did u know about quality education. The quality education means which give u a freedom from slavish mentality. Now the question is on ur education and potential which u impart in that educational institute which u contribute in ur career?

  30. waseem hussain says

    Education is real in its spirit when your minds are free. Most of the commentators are the students of those incompetent teachers who were sacked. Realization and right way thinking is the gift that does not benefit those who are dead from inside. If you cant do anything for your teachers and teachers of your children please don’t be a part of negative propaganda against them. You are ready to accept and worship the great and powerful Carey and her two fearful years but active in erasing the works of Langlands sir and other teachers who served for 25 long years during which many doctors engineers civil servant and teachers joined the society as cream. My fellow Chitrali brothers please give reason a chance. Wash your brains with real logical thinking. Kausar sb don’t be too emotional. We celebrated the same dinner when you lost the election this year.

  31. waseem hussain says

    I request Ma’am Carey please stop getting close to those evil minded ladies. They are real monsters. They tried to trap you and all the other teachers of old times. They helped in sacking the teachers and also plotting evils against the present ones. God knows that Miss Rubina was a lot more competent teacher than most of the present teachers.

  32. Najeebullah says

    A lady, who is graduated from the Cambridge University and has remained visiting fellow of Oxford University on war and peace for long time and who is the author of four international standard books. Who has been awarded as an honorary life time major rank in Pakistan army, such a gentled lady has been alleged we are very much fortunate that such a nice personality presenting her sincere and selfless services as a principal at Langland School and College Chitral.
    Without considering it as a chore for the betterment of educational system in such an outlying part of our country. Her aim is to stand this institution the top ranking institution for not even Pakistan but also in the world. For such a noble purpose she lifts the family life of her own and came to Chitral. That is because she cares for us and for our new generation and she knows the fact that the people of remote and outlying towns can only be taken foreword with the help of standard education by giving their education the quality. She is so righteous and selfless that even though she had the privilege to get the salary of worth RS.225000/ per month, but she refused to get the salary and forbidden even a penny upon herself until she take the institute among the top institutions. All the expenditure of her living, accommodation and other commodities of life are being managed by her own. I personally visited the institution and was trucked off by the competence of the students at the institution.
    Some parents who turn to be more cautious about their children’s studies send their children’s to other cities which have good educational facilities i.e. Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar and other big cities. From now and onwards the best quality education will be provided to the students of Chitral at their door step and will no more need to get admission in out of this city, and the credit goes to Miss Carey Schofield. Due to her efforts even more quality education will be provided to the students as compare to the best institutions of the rest of the big cities. Her efforts have made the educational quality even animated. Miss Carey Schofield has done a great job and made a favor on us but some particular people with greed and conscience are inciting and making propagandas, Propagating by alleging her that she is spreading obscenity in order to hinder her work. Ms. Carey Schofield is kindred blessing in disguise. Matter to be thought! One day your own children will go to Langland School and College Chitral for studies. The students who are studding there today are also much like your children’s. So please, a trend of quality education has been started which is indeed a blessing of the Allah almighty. Don’t try to relinquish it. If someone has any doubt about the quality and want to satisfy him than he should meet the parents of the students who study there. Then you will be compulsive to pay thanks to the great genteel lady Miss Carey Schofield as I am.
    Ms. Carey Schofield your services are commendable.
    Ex. Vice principal Muslim Model School and College,

  33. Mustansir says

    Carey Schofield has two female ill-advisers, who are directly responsible for bringing things to this ugly stage. It was the women-duo due to whom the schoolchildren suffered throughout their academic year.
    Despite so much damage, the British principal of the school is yet to realize who is sincere to her. The women-due are consistently engaged in misguiding her by feeding concocted reports against all and sundry in the school, declaring everybody in the school her enemy number-one.
    The particular woman against a lot had already been written, maneuvers in such a great manner that forces the highly qualified British lady to consider all her ill-advises no matter whether it is against her very trusted friends.
    I just want to remind Carey Her Excellency Carey Schofield that it was this very woman whom she considers her ruthless supporter, floated the idea of bringing the “NO CONFIDENCE MOTION” against her.
    Do trust her Ms Carey, but this is writing on the wall: these two women can never be sincere to you. Don’t be happy seeing them shedding crocodile tears as they cry what will happen to them if they were shown the doors. After all a tiny primary schoolteacher draws Rs65,000, which is not a small amount.
    Just like the saying ‘a drowning man will clutch at a straw’, Carey kept on believing on the propaganda spread by these two women against whoever they like. They became even closer to Carey Schofield after Abduallah made a last ditch effort with the help of Mr Langalnds and made things controversial.
    But these women kept misreported things to her by distorting the facts. As a result a sense of insecurity was created among rest of her teachers. A visit by some high profile officials of the district to the school stirred another controversy when some of the teachers pleaded them for job security and providing across the board level playing field for all of them.
    This provided yet another golden opportunity for the Carey’s blue-eyed for point scoring, declaring as she and her daughter or the one at the Balach section were the ones who controlled things or her return could have been “IMPOSSIBLE”.
    A female teacher who claims as the staff’s visit to Lahore became possible only due to her, which is completely wrong. It was this woman who has a tiny three-marla house in Lahore, where the staff had to face great hardships. About thirty female teachers were forced to pay Rs200 for their two day stay in Lahore for using the electricity.
    But despite all these facts, Carey is not ready to realize who is her genuine supporter and who is exploiting her for her/his own vested interest.
    I know my letter will also help the female primary schoolteachers, as they will gain the sympathies of Carey Schofield. But even then it is important to bring all these things in the notice of Ms Carey in the best interest of the school.
    These women still weep before Carey on every phone call that “they’re not feeling good, people writing against them, they feel so bad, Abdullah threatens them, whatever they are doing are doing for Madam Carey, etc – all white-lie but Care Schofield still believes them for reasons best known to her.

    1. Mahrosh Hussain says

      @mustansir! You really need to understand that you must respect a women. You do not have right to spread stupid rumors. I hope you get my point.

    2. Aftab says

      Mr.Mustansir, I read you’re what you have to write here this is totally rumors and there is no reality of it. Now this Pandora box should be closed and we all know what kind of dirty politics played by the some notable of Chitral against the Ms. Carey just because of their own interested not for school and not for Chitrali students’ /parents benefit. The feedback of Mr. Mustansir part of the game which we saw last few month and I apologies to say that these self-benefit people are enemies of the School and our Children future. We all paying the school fee for quality education, if we didn’t get the quality then we don’t have the black money to spend every month without any progress of our Child. Being a parent this my right I can ask and the administration should answer of it. Ms. Carey is competent lady and did a lot for the improvement of the school. Mr. Msutansir, we all parents as very much satisfied with the changes and improvement of the school now. The situation of school was worst before this lady and she made good team so please stop your agenda and be positive in your action and thoughts.

    3. Shahida Mk says

      Mr.Mustansir,I am one of the teachers who went to Lahore with my staff. No one of us was forced to give 200 rupees for any kind of bills, we were very comfortable and relaxed there with the support of our heads and specially Mam Rubi who helped us in all the situation is a great lady.I am sorry to say that you have no respect for ladies. we don’t want ur sympathies even.

      1. Sharif says

        @Shahida: Can anybody deny spying over teachers? Can anybody deny the cellphones given to a particular teacher especially for communicating things to London? can you deny a matriculate a teacher drawing over Rs 45000 just for spying while other qualified teachers are being treated as children of lesser God for lacking spying skills? Above all can you deny the fight over collection of Rs 200 from the teachers so that a particular female teacher pay the electricity bills? Can you deny the concocted fuel bills which a teacher is set to present to the British lady after using a private vehicle for roaming around Islamabad in a bid to have coffee at Daman e Kuh in the evening? And yes can you deny a female teacher calling names to Carey for not bearing the educational expenses of her daughter? can you deny female heads of primary school flexing muscles seeking extra allowance for being head of the junior section? Can you deny this??????

  34. Sharif says

    Hello guys, stop this as it will ultimately benefit the black sheep, if there are any. The black sheep whom you try to expose out of anger will help them in getting the sympathies of Ms Schofield. Stop this blunder. Time is the best healer. Make sure that those involved in misguiding Ms Carey will face her wrath sooner or later. Don’t think that whatever people have said here will go unheard. She must be taking note of everything. Once she is home, things will be automatically alright. Every dog has its day.

  35. Anwer says

    I would like to urge Mr. Kausaur ul Mulk not to make fun their brethren who lost the battle. This is the time to move forward. At the same time I would like urge Shazaib to stay clam as you people were on the wrong track. So this is the victory of the majority and truth. You must not get hyper if Kausar invited you at the grand party. Together we can make Chitral a model district for rest of the country. This was not the fault of Carey as there is woman who was behind the ‘TERMINATION’ of you people. If I were you would have exposed her before Carey as she is still busy in misguiding her about so many genuine supporters of Ms Schofield. So my advise to you people is that expose the “BLACK-SHEEP” in front of Carey so that the future of other competent teachers could not be at danger.

  36. Muhammad Amin Baloch says

    We have been observing the story of Mrs. Carey Schofield for a long time in ChitralToday.It has become one of the hottest debates in the known epaper of the district .Many reputed scholars including the respected Dr. Innayatullah Faizi had also become part of the comments/debate. The commentators, both anti and pro Carey, are enthusiastically engaged in the war of words. Throughout the debate it is being assumed that Mrs, Carey is the only hope of ray for the bright future of Chitral and for cancellation of visa and then obtaining visa through high profile efforts were made leads us to that direction. What shocked me more was that many or rather majority of the commentators lost temper in defending or opposing the British lady? They sometimes transgress the good nurtured norms of our society in assailing each other. Probably majority of the writers on this topic belong to our new generation which reflects our grooming in certain systems. What kind of message we are delivering to those who are coming out from low paid education institutions? Plz keep patience and make sure Mrs.Carey is not a means to an end but her contributions and skills of a developed society will be utilized in education sector in Chitral. Now let the lady do her work and wish her best of luck.

  37. Shahzaib says

    Mr. so called kausar, Carey days are short and nights get their length. What’s presentation u present is beyond the mind of broad minded people. I don’t know the causes of your pain. Don’t realize about the battle and escape from the war. Did you ever know the meaning of the words. Perish mentality is a characteristic of uncultured people. So clean your mind about the people.

  38. Qubla khan says

    @Saima sister, its better for a woman to know her position at home rather to impose forcefully once self on the society. Dont talk about the religion. If u know religion than u never will shouted about ur pathetic idea and knowlegd on social media. Religion teach about the freedom of mind and guide you . Plz come out from dark.

  39. Sarwari Begum says

    Look Chitralis how excited you are over the selection of a girl from upper Chitral as a librarian. But unfortunately very few people, allow me to say those who know the importance of education, left no stone un-turned to bring this wonderful lady when some vested interests tried to create hurdle in her return to Pakistan. Getting education especially quality education is not possible unless we learn to respect those who are educated in real sense. There are thousands of MA library science graduates in Chitral. The thing which makes a difference is quality education which is not possible without competent people running educational institutions. So I would like to urge those still groping in the dark not to play with the future of Chitrali children in order to hide their own shortcomings and flaws. Today, there is such jubilation over one Bibi Nooh’s little success. And God knows how you people will react when TLSC headed by Madam Carey will produce thousands of Bibi Nooh and Noors. The mountains of Chitral welcome you Ma’am Carey and we expect you that you will turn this tiny school into a model institution. Also congrats to young Bibi Nooh for breaking the shackles that only men can libraries rather a library will look more graceful with a woman. Good luck.

  40. Saima says

    How things changed altogether. I just can’t believe that our respected madam is coming back. Look at these qubla, shazaib etc. beating their chest out of frustration. Tableeghan ispat mo korur tan duri nishi churur, pis barki ispa di deen hush kosyan. Congratulations ma’am, can’t wait to welcome you at Chitral international airport along with notables of the district, your students, your teachers, supporters and well wishers!!!

  41. Kausar Ul Mulk says

    @ Shahzeb
    What else you can do, you people lost the battle and fled from the ground. You are again taking refuge under religion. Fie upon you and your mentality.

  42. Qubla khan says

    A brargenian wa kaigenian pisa kia qima o royan b ratami. Pisa e xaroo wawo bachain tan muxi hamuni lot paiman bay itifaqi kicha komian . Haya qisma biko thay ispa musulmanan sura Allah d tan insaf o wa madado nu koyan. Khudayo khatir o kurur la axailian hay kia musibat o wawo b rai ki horo sar bagair pisa shapik d hazum nu boyan.

  43. Mahateer Muhammad says

    This is a very shocking moment for me that i am looking the chitrali nation and majority of its people in the british era. Once the nation ,ruled by Faranghees for a centuary along with westren inspired people and some greedy vasted intrest men. Today , same tragidy is repeated in those who are more loyal and have a special intrest from the west. The name kusur ul mulk should be kusur carey as he has a lot of inspiration from carey. Mr. Kusur carey i think and suggestion about u that y not you active your visa to go their to serve ms carey ,better to welcome her here . Beside this my hubble request to all other that you people underestiamte your poteintial and talent for a very small private institute. You people should protest for a pakistani talent like abdul qadir khan, dr samar mubarak mand , if you really need to promot the institute.

    1. Inam Ullah says

      مھاتر بھائ ھم گذشتہ کئ صدیوں سے غلام رہتے آئے اور آج بھی اسی غلام زھنیت کے لوگ انھی غلام لوگوں کی نمائندگی کر رھے ھین تو ظاہر ھے اور کیا ھوگا مس کری سے ھمارا کوئ اختلاف نھی ھم مخالفت ان کند ذہن کر رھے ھین جو اب بھی چترالیون کو غلام سمجھ بیٹھے ھین

  44. Shahzaib says

    Apropos kusar ul mulk. With so sad on your childish mentality and mental colonization, its really a good news that she is coming to the land of pure. We welcome her with the mentally slave people like you. You know the meaning of dinner at hindukush hieght? This is islamic democratic republic and in the islamic dinner we invite people for gathering and food, rather for drinking alcohol and drummers dance. Shame on your pathetic comments, your thinking and on your being a chitrali culture debris.

    1. Inam Ullah says

      Shazaib sahib you are absolutely right

  45. Muhammad Ayub Khan says

    Shahzada Iftekhar uddin, the grandson of His Highness Sir Shuja ul Muluk, deserves thanks for doing so many things to make Miss Carey’s visa possible. He has a close connection with Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan and Chaudhry also respects him very much. He utilized his authorities and proved himself to be a sincere and competent leader. I am proud of MNA sahab.
    Many thanks.

  46. Mumtaz Hussain says

    Good news for all of us. Wel come back Mam carry. Thanks to all those who make possible her return, specially D.G. langland.wel done.

  47. imtiaz booni says

    After making divisions among faculty, students and parents and dividing the administration of the school in many camps, how ms carey can celebrate her coming back and start working in the school. but if you talk of who played a role in issuing her visa, it is only GD langlands. had he not come to Islamabad and ask his student minister carey would never had got a visa in her whole life again. chaudhry nisar showed his respect to his teacher and put his feet down on all requests and pressure and decided to issue the visa as he had decided to stop it.
    long live gd langlands he is the real hero.

  48. A well wisher says

    Ms. Carey Schofield,
    Congratulations on staging a comeback after a five-month-long wrangling. For you, no doubt, it has proved to be thorough research on people of Chitral. Consistent debate on an issue for about five months is like doing a PhD for a competent lady like you.
    Now, we want to see a completely changed Carey Schofield and not the one who used to hate Major Langlands without any reason. The decision to sack a few incompetent teachers was not a big deal. You can still send home those whose performance is not up to the mark as you are authority.
    If a government official can be dismissed from service, why not an employee of a private institution, if his performance is not up to the mark. But, the thing due to which you, your staff, as well as the students had to suffer to the point of no return was because ‘PEOPLE DISGRACED SAVIOUR OF CHITRALIS – Major Langlands.
    His one phone call brought things to a complete halt. We must give credit to the teachers of your school who managed to clear the misunderstanding between you and Mr. Langlands.
    Better late than never. It is your good luck that you controlled things. Langlands is the man whom people respect as who has given his whole life for the betterment of this country.
    He was exploited by some opportunists for their vested interests. We, the well wishers of YOU, Ms. Carey Schofield, would like to request you: pls try to understand the gravity of the situation and pls take Langlands onboard or your opponents can create more problems for you.
    I am afraid to say that they may exploit him again, if you people failed to win the support of Major Langlands, as he wants nothing but a little respect from you people. Our best wishes and prayers are with you.
    A well wisher

  49. Kausar Ul Mulk says

    Dear Asad, Arsalan Mirza, Suleman, Abur Rehman, Shahzeb, Tanzil Ur Rehman, Abdullah and Anis Ur Rehman.
    Team Carey, BOG members, Staffs and students of TLSC request the pleasure of your company at the grand reception ceremony to be held shortly at Chitral airport in the honour of Madam Carey Schofied. A sumptous dinner will also be arranged for you at Hindukush Hights.
    Looking forward
    Kausar Ul Mulk

  50. Zareen Ayub says

    It was good to see this problem as a serious news rather to make a spicy news and making it subject to as like erstwhile yellow journalism more by journalist than the people. It means maturity has yet knocked the door!

  51. real parent says

    It’s a good news that Miss Carey’s visa has been renewed. Many of the people credit acclaim for bringing her back to chitral. BOG member in the beginning were doing well, later was indifferent to it. Langlands in his very age came only with Teachers to meet with interior minister in Islambad and live there for four days reportedly. I was told how tribulations teachers faced on the lahore in buses , in lahore and Islamabad was invaluable for the same cause. Shahzada Skinder should goes more credit than Siraj ulmulk since he was BOG member was not as active as be. It is true that everyone worked for the visa of teachers but what the teachers did was to make it possible. I pay my deep respect and acclaim to teachers and for their practical step.

  52. Farid Ahmad Raza says

    Well come back. I hope the great institution again will play their role to enhance quality education in Chitral

    1. Farid khan says

      I feel really sorry to know…the comments of well-learned intellectuals of my native Distt of chitral,How long should we wait to learn and believe on our own capabilities and potentials and SAY NO to “DEPENDENCY”

  53. Ihklaq says

    Any further criticism of Ms Carey should be put to rest now. Instead a watch on the performance of the school vis-a-vis, discipline, character building of students and financial honesty of the administration must be watched.

  54. Alee Hassan says

    Thank God. Welcome back Madam and thank you shahzada iftikhar uddin you saved the future of chitrali peoples, once again you proved that you are son of the legand the great shahzada muhai-uddin thanx once again.

  55. Muhammad Ayub Khan says

    Thank God! Indeed this is the moment of great happiness. I greatefully acknowledge the many people who help us. I would like to acknowledge all of their contributions, which collectively made this possible.
    Board of governor deserves a warm thanks for their ongoing helpfullness, support and understanding. Furthermore I appreciate the efforts of the Head teachers, office members, teachers and students offering valuable insights and patience during the artificial crises.
    Finally my gratitude goes to Miss Carey. And, as always, thank my principal, for her patience, sense of humor and understanding during the difficult times.
    Thank you all!

  56. M Dinar says

    Fortune always favours the bold.Thanks to all visionary supporters who stood by us all the time and played their key role.Congrate to all chitralies;welcome mam carey.

  57. Shahzaib says

    Mr. Then Dr. Khalil, if only you know writing in the newspaper then whats wrong when assad push you on the right track. People like u living among the great nation will definitly look toward british lady and gentelman for management process, show ur slavish mentality still today.

  58. Sayed Shamsu Nazar Fatimi says

    . . . Hope the school will achieve its highest position and standard, because a lot of home work, field work may have been done during this period to change the disadvantage into advantage.
    The main focus is to tandem the Global education Ideas with the indigenous wisdom and culture. It will ensure to preserve the values.
    SOP, accommodating educationists, BOG/BOD and parents ideas will prove a road map for the future development, which was lacked previously.

  59. Dr. Khalil says

    Good news, I am looking for Mr. Assad, who was very active in media against Carey and Capt. Siraj. I am sure Capt Siraj is not his relative. Capt. Zindabad, you won the once again.

  60. Manzoor says

    Thank Allah… truth always wins..
    welcome back madam..

  61. Abul hasanat says

    Well come back madam… Thanks to choudhry nisar Ali khan interior minister, thanks to captain sirajul mulk, javid majeed, samina Abid and thanks to all the supporters of mam Carey… Congratulation to all of u…

  62. Bahar Ahmad says

    Good news but the founding faculty and old staff must also be given due respect.

  63. Iftikhar says

    Great news!

  64. Ghulam Rasool says

    Thank goodness. Chitrali people have won the battle for their children.

  65. Syed Nabi Hussain says

    Wel come back Ms. Carry.

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