Fee reimbursement ceremony held at SBBU campus

CHITRAL: A fee reimbursement ceremony held at SBBU campus in Chitral.

The event was specially organised by Mehmood Khan Khadagzai, Chief Coordinator SBBU Chitral campus, with Mr. Muhsin Ul Mulk Siddiqui, Zahoor ul Haq and Shah Fahad Ali Khan as the organizers.

Former MPA and president PML-N Chitral Mr. Saeed Ahmad Khan was chief guest on the occasion, while Advocate Abdual Wali Khan Abid, leader PTI Chitral, chaired the programme.

It is worth mentioning here that all the students studying at Mater’s level at SBBU Chitral Campus have got their admission/tuition fees reimbursed under the mentioned programme of the Prime Minister.

Addressing on the occasion student speakers, who availed PM Fee Reimbursment Programme, highly hailed the Prime Minister for providing an opportunity to the students of backward districts/agencies of the country to get higher education free of cost. They said that without the Reimbursment Programme many students could not have imagined to get enrolled in universities.

Mr. Adnan Ali Mahsud, Director Administration SBBU Sheringal, appreciated the efforts of government for facilitating students in such a hard time. He further stressed that education does not mean to get jobs, rather it is a blessing to understand and serve humanity.

Other speakers also hailed the initiatives of the Pime Minister and Governor KP to the effect of facilitating the students of backward areas in getting higher education. They specially thanked the Governor KP for his directives to universities and other higher education institutions of the province to waive off the admission/tuition fees of students belonging to Chitral.

The chief guest, Saeed Ahmad Khan, in his address stressed upon the students to work harder and play their due role in society. He strongly vowed to communicate the genuine demands of Chitrali students and youth with the Governor KP and the Pime Minister so that more facilities could be obtained.

He also promised to get a special grant for SBBU Chitral Camps from the Prime Minister. Mr. Abdul Wali Khan in his presidential address highly hailed the PM Fee Reimbursment Programme, and said this is an unprecedented initiative on the part of the Prime Minister to facilitate the underprivileged people of the country get higher education. He stressed upon the students to take this opportunity as an impetus to work harder and prove their talents worth the initiative of the PM.– Zahoor ul Haq Danish 

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