Lowari tunnel opened for stranded passengers

Photo: Sher Zaman Photo: Sher Zaman[/caption]DROSH, Nov 12: The stranded passengers were allowed to cross the Lowari tunnel late on Thursday night, Assistant Commissioner Drosh Basharat Ahmed confirmed. After the temporary opening of the tunnel for the passengers, about 100 vehicles crossed the passegway from Chitral side and over 150 from the Dir side towards Chitral. As reported in ChitralToday on Thursday afternoon, hundreds of people coming to Chitral and going out of the valley got stuck on both sides of the tunnel as the Lowari top road was closed due to heavy snowfall. The KP government has already announced to open the tunnel on every Tuesday and Friday but the passengers stranded on the way when the Lowari pass road was closed due to rain/snowfall on Thursday. ]]>

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