Langlands, teachers in Islamabad to meet minister

Langlands, teachers in Islamabad to meet minister

By Zulfiqar Ahmad

ISLAMABAD: A group of teachers of Langlands School and College Chitral along with its former principal are in the federal capital to meet the minister of interior.

The teachers went to Lahore and after two-day stay there brought Geoffrey Langlands, who celebrated his 98th birthday recently, to Islamabad to meet Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, who is one of his old students.

It is expected that Langlands along with a few of the teachers would meet the minister in a day or two. Earlier, it was reported that on the request of Mr Langlands the minister had ordered the department concerned not to issue a visa to Ms Carey.

The row over the principal started after she sacked a number of teachers on the basis of their poor performance. The sacked teachers then reportedly approached Langlands in Lahore and managed to block the return of his successor from England.

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  1. mam kary is very honest and competent persnlty for the students at langland school and espashaly for all studens at chitral.she must cm insha allah..i m always praying for her,,,,she wil soonly cm insha allahcom

  2. All my three children are studying in the Langlands school. In the last few years of Geoffrey Langlands era, the school was in terrible shape. Many incompetent and corrupt people got away with ignoring their responsibilities and embezzling funds. I did complain to Sir Langlands a few times but gave up when no action was taken. Miss Carey’s arrival turned around a hopeless situation by taking tough decisions and resisting a lot of pressure and intrigue from those useless folks whose vested interests were directly threatened by her radical reforms. We, the parents of students, overwhelmingly support her return. May she be here soon so that our children can again have a shot at world class educational experience.

  3. The whole Chitral ganged up against the sacked teachers of Langlands School and College Chitral. A woman British principal, known for her nepotism and favouritism, fired us one after another without any solid reason. She declared the school a den of drugs before she took over. Now she served there well about three years. She claims of introducing best of the best reforms. The local as well as international media stood by her side in projecting her so-called reforms. After all she is a journalist and managed her colleagues in the media to the fullest to hide her nepotism. Last week, a farewell party was arranged for the outgoing boys of class second year. A boy, perhaps the most incompetent one, but had the blessings of a lady teacher who is Carey’s blue eyed, was the sole organizer of the party. What happened in the farewell party was once again not touched by the media especially by Chitral Today. Why a poor boy who is the son of a poor driver was suspended after he was found involved in beating up a poor cook in an intoxicated position. Why the son of Carey’s blue eyed was left out scott-free. Is this just because her mother is the blue eyed of Carey Schofield? The instant incident shows that Toora bora is still being run. Carey tells a lie that she turned around things. She has completely failed in streamlining the school. A local principal should be appointed before it is too late. We don’t want anybody to be principal who takes side with her favourits only? We also demand stern action against the son of the lady teacher as he was the organizer of the party. He charged more money from some boys even up to 7000 while others paid Rs600 for organizing the party. Once he had the cash in his hand, he kept on shuttling between DC office to Dolomuts with loud music in his jeep, refueling the vehicle on the money collected in the name of farewell party. Also some mishap took place at the farewell party organized for the senior girls of the school. We want justice against the cruelties meted out to us by a foreigner who has no stake in Pakistan. Tell us is this an independent country or a banana republic??? Shame on everybody who support a cruel foreigner woman who has ruined several families just to protect her inflated ego. We want justice, we do not want Carey Schofield.

  4. INSTITUTIONAL APPROACH – Langland School Chitral
    Some of us express a biased comment about Langland School. It needs Institutional Approach, and we all should give priority to Institutional Interest. Individualistic approach will harm the institution.
    Mr. Langland had played major Role establishing the school and Mobilizing Resources. He often proved sympathizer and philanthropist. His generosity often affected the standard and discipline of school. His role cannot be forgotten.
    His retirement was a natural due to his age factor. He identified a very suitable person to lead the the school. Ms. Carey Schofield had got a clear vision and she proved be Master in her field.
    Now we cannot determine her role and parameter to do, or not do, such a such things. She may have genuine arguments, reasons and logic to take the school ahead. The BOD/BOG and PTC are the another tier whom should be taken into confidence, and not every body.
    Within 2 years of her service, she improved the standard and took into confidence the community and staff. It seems no SOP was existed, and functional regarding selection and retirement of the staff. We by our irresponsible comments conglomerated a lot of misconceptions, and even His good self Mr. Langland was easily misguided, and He misconceived the situation. Ms Carey achieved widely acceptance from the community and the learners by her constructive reforms within short span of time.
    So let us contribute by whatever we can do constructively, to strengthen the institution which is a community asset and an Alma meter for the future generation.

  5. Madam carey is not at war with anybody, her only aim is to educate the young generation.what a nonsense and ridculous comments! you should review your fake and artificial comments.

  6. The farce continues ad nauseam.Now it has taken a different course, an unending war of words, nonsense rhetoric from both the waring camps.No one is bothered about offering a way out of this crisis so that the precious asset of a backward area can be saved. If you can’t be part of a solution then don’t be part of a problem.To my mind Madam Carey is part of a solution as well as part of the problem.Looking at the affairs of the school it can be inferred that Madam Carey has lost her credibility and moral ground to run the affairs of the school. Her strong likes and dislikes, biased and prejudiced approach caused all the mess and put the school into a constant state of uncertainty. What I failed to understand is the fact the her supporters kept on harping the same trumpet of her achievements that have nothing to do with reality. Ever since her becoming principal the school has been cofronting with numerous problems. Starting from lodging FIR against her next door neighbours,residents of Singoor, to the court cases against her lodged by the sacked teachers, all these incidents endorse her bellicose nature.
    Though she was able to plug the minor leakages in respect of fee collection but on the other hand the major chunk of school assets were lavishly used in terms of unnecessary expenditures. It is also pertinent to mention that the school received a considerable amount thanks to the efforts of her predecessor Mr. Langlands from Provincial Government meant for improving the infrastructure of the school but the major part of which was too disgustingly wasted in palm greasing (bander bant) to get the support of teachers. If these are deemed as achievements, I beg your pardon Madam.
    Now how you may become part of the solution. I tell you what you must admit the fact that you have lost your moral ground and extend unqualified apology for damaging the reputation of school, dividing the public into two hostile groups and tarnishing the image of Mr.Langlands in particular and chitralis in general. This is the right time to step down before you are made to do so.

  7. TLSC remained an outstanding institution in private sector and there was a time it won many laurels . The octogenarian Major Langlands sailed its boat through many hard tides.During his era too the school faced many issues internally as well as on external fronts, but none were debated so rudely and un-ethically in print media. A stage came when people said goodbye to Major Langlands,recognized his service, and at the other moment welcomed Ms Cary,and expected from her modern educational uplift agenda for their children. The Innovation worked,parents, Children took sigh of relief,but suddenly the pace stopped,as the school engine collapsed on over efficiency. The macarthic doctrine of cold war, enshrined from insight soviet military seems prevalent, and every fellow doubted the loyalty and sincerity of other in the line of their duties and the struggle for survival of the loyalists begun.People were sacked without tendering show cause notice etc.
    Now such scenario have been developed which is very dangerous and encourages tug of war between two teams: a team Carey and a team anti-Carey. The harsh words,allegations,unethical comments and sentimental lacerations keep shuttling between the camps. In their fight of Ego the principles of morality,natural justice and humanism is completely missing,which hurts the general readers and parents. These two groups in their survival struggle have ignored the surge of another more powerful team: a team Parents ,to whom only and most liked one are their children (students of TLSC). This team have no particular and extraordinary liking or disliking for any Carey or Anti-Carey team. We support only that group, whose works for our children and upholds rule of Law and fair play.
    Now in the best interest of our children we the team parents have passed the following Resolutions:
    1. If someone wants to sack someone, on poor performance, proper show cause &legal formalities be adopted.
    2. If someone have been sacked without observing legal formalities he instead of wagging war of words, must knock doors of the court for remedy.
    3. Upholding of merit be at the top of every secondary affiliations. Anyone aggrieved of violation of merit in chemistry subject, again instead of defaming someone, he approach court of law for any injustice.
    4. Let the Government to decide the Visa issue. If Ms Carey is allowed we welcome her; expects controlled and justice based efficiency and if she is not allowed someone has to replace her, as we the team parents does not effort politics and endanger our children’s future for the sake of satisfaction of Ego of any group.

    1. Well said Mr. Ihtisham sab,”once TLMSC used to be an outstanding institution of Chitral in private sector” now this institution seems to be skirmish field between pro carey group and anti carey group, infect they are few in number and have self interest. This group is nor steadfast with institution neither with students.Langlands has frenzied all his energies for the betterment of the students of TLMSC.We the real parents nor aligned with the carey neither adherent, we want to see the school of its original position as it used to be. Finally we all the parents fully agree with the resolution of mr. Ihtishmam,other wise this pro and anti carry group will be thrown in to the nallah of Dolomuch.Pro Carey group have no sound arguments they are just beating about the bush.

  8. Oh my God… dearfake sisters and brothers please respect the dignity of others while comenting… your comments show your sick and frustrated mentality. Most of you are private school teachers and are jealous of langlands school and college. You can do nothing except showing your sick and dirty mentality in your comments. Every Educated person in Chitral supoorts mam carey and wants mam carey back, students, parents, teachers every one supports her. Soon she will come back to Chitral.

  9. it is a matter of great concern that the teachers at Balach section have come to the shamful way of making our innocent childrn repeat the phrase We WANT MISS CAREY BACK in islamiat class and inside bus when all the teachers tell them to raise the ‘narA’from Balach to jungbazaar and back home nephew does not know the meaning of this nara even but the devotees of Carey have forcefully imposed tgis on them….shame on you pro Carey group….poor innocent childrn are being used for their own evil means!

  10. I full agree with Nick that we should be kind to animals. But my suggestion to Ms Carey is that that she should not give too much importance to her three black cats. There are some teachers in the school who will be discouraged if she started taking too much care about her three black pet cats.The pets should be treated with love but too much care about them, sometimes backfires as it
    hurts other pets like dogs especially when it is a black one. So my request to Mam Carey is that she should not ignore her two black dogs. At the same time I would like to remind Mam Carey that Major Langlands had also some favourit pets but the day you took over, why did you let his black labrador go wothout taking caring about his old age? You are so concerned about your three black cats but you have no mercy for Langlands black labrador??

    1. We should not leave decency take the hind seat while using similitudes of pet animals for human beings as how low man stoops, he or she is said to be the roof and crown of all creatures. However, Mr shafeeq sudais analogy is quite apt as miss carey has been pulling the wires through smses and the puppets are dancing at her bidding at the cost of the future of our childern but the actual end of the string is in the hand of the land mafias but the rest dance to their tunes. Karachi imbroglio has nearly ended as the strings have been severed by general Raheel sharif under national action plan. The noose has been tightened by pak army round the neck of all the anti state forces and those working against our national integrity in the guise of aid in health, education etc have been exposed and shown the door. The province of tlsc is going to be freed from the clutches of vested interests and the pupeteer from abroad. Soon the mess of miss carey is being cleansed in the best interest of our future generation, so pro carey group istead of kneeling down before an invisible foreign paymistress should stand erect and salute the defenders of the frontiers. Tlsc is to be owned once for all as a state property under the auspieces of pak army and pakistani educational leader is being appointed as the principal of the school. Let us wind up our writing competition on this stale topic and stretch our muscles on some worthy task of national impotance.let us part like good fellows and forgive each others spiteful blows by licking the sprinkled salt of injuries, let us bid a melancholic valediction to mam carey as her share of bread in this unfortunate land is virtually finished and she will spend her blessed life among her fourtunate cousins in london and educate them sincerely and wholeheartedly. Goodby fake brothers and sisters

  11. What a nonsense people you are??you people have nothing to do except creating drama and propaganda against mam Carey. Do remember that she is an intelligent and hard working lady. She is not a child that a simple and backward chitrali lady can misguide her. I suggest those people who blame mam Carey to come forward and highlight their names. Giving comments by making fake ids reflects jealousy.let me clear to you people that the sacking of few teachers and improving salaries were the part of over all discussion. These decisions were not taken by mam Carey and neither any female teacher misguided her to take these decisions. The issue was fully discussed with the governing body of the school and then implemented by mam Carey. Do remember that mam Carey is an English lady and no one is her relative in chitral (nither the sacked nor inservise teachers). She is herself rich, most popular and famous international personality that she doesn’t need any other’s help to improve her reputation.
    Secondly, don’t you remember the condition of the school at Langland’s time??? There was no rules at all. Teachers remained absent for three months and no one took notice of that. Majority of students became drugs addicts. I am not blaming major Langland actually, teachers were taking advantage of his old age. Mam Carey after a long efforts changed the school and streamlined it because she has to show herself and has to make her reputation in front of public. That’s why we like her.she has opened a new bright chapter of the school. And for this purpose it was necessary to sacked teachers of poor performance and to introduce a new salary scale for those teachers who are still in the school so that she can take extraordinary batter work from them.
    Hence after complete discussion with board of governance and listening so many feed back from great many parents she sacked some teachers and increased salaries to improve the standard education in the school.And it is the case in all good institutions is a humble request to all those who blame mam Carey, plz come to school and see the change that she has brought. She is doing well plz don’t make a problem for her, don’t try to exploit her image by posting such rubbish comments against a honest and hardworking lady.

  12. There is no denying the fact that school has been put on the right track by the sincere efforts of mam ceray Schofield. The parents as well as students acknowledge it . the proof of it is when the parents gathered in huge number and singed a document demanding mam Carey the school has deciplined, punctuality and hard work which were unknown to this institution before mam Carey.what else is needed in a good school??? The people who try to malign the principal with fake id’s can’t be friends of chitral or chitralies.They are telling lies and their falls hood is apparent from the very fact that they say these evil things in disguise. If they have moral courage they should not hide their identities. Being in disguise is the trait of the devil not that of a human being or of a man of honour.

  13. @Abdurehman
    I am completely and totally disagree with everything you said. Miss Carey neither want nor need praise. You know, the reason of praise can work in short run is that only young children are hungry for our approval and it is a way of doing something to children to get to comply with our wishes.
    I am straightforward and I need no hesitation to express my feelings. I have pleasure to work with Ms Carey because she is a visionary leader.The word leader and manager, to distinguishes the evolved differences of these two necessary functions. A manager focuses on structuring goals, tasks and roles to arrive at a given destination. The leader focuses choosing the direction and destination and deals with external environment in which the school operates. Both of these functions are necessary. Visionary leader can do both. That is not the case with all leaders: some leaders prefer to pass on the mandate to a trusted ally and the team delivers.Ms Carey is a visionary leader who continues to do the joint task of leadership and management. That makes her exceptional for any situation requiring transformational change. She has accomplished much, creating an environment at TLSC in which innovation flourishes, learning is promoting and good citizens are creating. This level of leadership is needed to Pakistan and it is clear that we have no other option except Ms Carey. The board of governor also deeply appreciating her performance and boldness she has shown in addressing problems the school was facing and her immediate solutions of all those problems.

  14. Good evening Nick Bowen,
    You made my day man, honestly .Why? Because you have no idea what is going on in Chitral. And whatever you have said in your comment reflects that you are not a genuine person. How do you know what had happened at TSLC? You think Chitral is like London? No man. It isn’t. It is a backward district where everything is possible. Perhaps rather for sure this was the reason six teachers with 20 years of service were sacked with one stroke of pen. Law of the jungle prevails here, so don’t impose your environment on me. I stand by whatever I have said in my comment. It has nothing to do with bullying or defaming any of Carey’s blue-eyed teachers. You think Pakistan is a banana republic. I salute Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, the proud interior minister of my beloved Pakistan, for holding the visa for the last six months despite last ditch efforts by pro-Carey group, who have their own vested interest. Some of them have hotel business, while others have rented out their grand villas, etc. Now, let me share some inside information with you in more detail how Carey treats her teachers. Why Abdullah and Co was shown the door despite knowing the fact that they have little schoolgoing children. And they have no other source of income. On one hand, Carey claims of taking the school to new heights, while on the other she ruined six poor families. Their children are unable to go to school. Is this justified? Let me repeat that the lady whom I have mentioned in my comment has not only misguided rather befooled an English woman. I would rather say that the Chitrali woman fully deserves to be called an English woman the way she has trapped Carey. Carey proved to be a typical Chitral woman as she is dancing to the tune of some opportunist female teachers with this particular woman is having full control on Carey’s nerves. If this is not black magic what else you can call it? Why other teachers are on carey’s hit list despite their brilliant performance? Why Abdullah, a brilliant guy, who is ten times competent than this particular woman, was shown the door, if it is not black magic? This is no service to Chitral, rather a glaring example of promoting nepotism and cronies. Why her daughter was inducted without any test interview? Why complaints against her daughter are not being forwarded just because she is the daughter of Carey’s adviser?? Why two separate cars are in the disposal of the mother-daughter duo? Is this what you call merit? Is this what you want to justify? Shame on you, Nick Bowen. What a lobbyist. What a henchman of Carey Schofield and her cronies.

  15. Some of the people of Chitral seems to have gone mad. Suleiman scorns Miss Carey for taking care of animals and for wanting to find safe homes for kittens. Did not the Prophet (SAW) love animals, especially cats ? Generally, people who are kind to animals are also kind to human beings. Haven’t you noticed ? On the other hand, a man who sneers at an English lady who look after animals finds it natural to make stupid and ill-informed comments about a respectable Chitrali lady teacher. The primary head teacher could not have misled Miss Carey. Carey announced publicly that she was going to raise money to improve salaries but that teachers who could not improved would be asked to go. teachers should have listened and taken the warning.
    What a character ! And where does black magic fit in to your world ? Shame on you, Suleiman. What sort of a human being are you ? Just what are you trying to achieve ? A return to the Langlands days of theft, drugs and vice ? Look in mirror and judge what you see there before you dare to criticise other people. Stop bullying and attacking hard working people who try to do something good in your district.

    1. What a pathetic display of mental agony by pro carey group in their aborted write ups! Their frustation speaks volumes but their audacity must be commended because hoping against hope, they see the face of the bygone english lady in their reveries like a traditional eastern lover. Their situation is a psychic case for a psychiatrist. Their slips of the tongue(i do not mean freudean slips) portray much for psychoanalysis to an ordinary reader. To these few vested interests along with their pupeteer in london, pakistanis are corrupt to the bones, ignorant to the hilt as they murder merit, do not know the abc of education, only one lady with the name of miss carey can deliver this unfortunate nation safely to the educational shore of prosperity. All private education institutions including degree college chitral are flop in their view and in the absense of miss carey in the langlands school the future of chitral is gloomy, what a sick mentality! Who have won the seats of medical colleges and other professional institutions this year? Students of tlsc or Students of degree college, Akhs students along with other private colleges? To the dismay of ungrateful chitralies, No share of tlsc in the miss carey era was offered. Yes, M. Imran an langladian won laurels by occupying a much coveted slot of css officer this year, but he is the product of major langlands friutful period which is frequently maligned by his selfish and jealous detractors to be an era of lawlessness. How was it possible that more than a score doctors, more than a dozen army officers and numerous engineers, lecturers, lawyers etc were given to the soil of chitral by the old principal and his team? Common sense must prevail while writing ones comments. An english man with the name of nick brown writes faulty enlish full of grammatical mistakes while mr Ayub, because of his loyaty to miss carey writes the idiomatic english of miss carey herself and castigates everything belonging to pakistan in his praise for her. What an aborted attempt to throw dust in to the eyes of mistakenly ignorant readers by frustrated individuals! Miss carey is blessed with every thing in london, she can do a lot for the ragtails and bobtails of England by giving charity at home, we downtrodden pakistanis need to throw away the begging bowl ones for all because we want to live a life of self esteem and honour which can only be had by standing on our own feet. She must enjoy her blessed life and leave us to our lot. We are hopeful that soon telephonic administering of the shool will be replaced by a workplace mentoring of an educationist asTlsc is to be handed over to a true pakistani educational leader by people at the helms.

  16. Keep the pace slow dear fake brothers and sisters. The return of Ms Carey is need of the hour. There is no truth in claims that the school is confronting with numerous problems. The school, is being run quietly smoothly. The propaganda spread by some vested interests is nothing but to vent their anger in utter frustration. But this will not discourage the brilliant team of Ms Carey. We invite all the disgruntled elements to come forward with their genuine name instead of posting poisonous comments in order to settle scores with Ms Carey. Who does not know that meritocracy is the only thing for which we people have been moving from pillar to post that she should be here no matter what. Had this been some typical Pakistani principal we would not have stood by her side as Pakistanis are known for favouritism and murder of merit. The policies put in place by the Ms Carey and the way she streamlined the school within a short span of time is known to us all and even her foes accept what she had done for the school. This is a writing on the wall that in case of any delay in bringing Ms Carey to Pakistan will be the last nail in the coffin of education in the backward valley. There are so many so-called private schools and the reason they had nothing in their credit is because they do not have a professional upright principal like Madam Carey. I challenge those who claim that Ms Carey even slightly believes in favouritsm or violated merit even by mistake. She will violate merit over her dead body. But the thing which is not only shocking rather ridiculous that some vested interests are not ready to accept the good things done by great people like Ms Carey. This should be clear to you people that Ms Carey does not need us, rather we need her services as she can have far better life by sitting in London. Let me quote PTI chairman Imran Khan who often says that he is blessed with everything, but he fights for the poor and downtrodden. Same is the case with Ms Carey as she is blessed with everything but we, the ungrateful creature on planet earth, the unfortunate Chitralis, are not ready to take advantage of her presence in the valley. Our sick mentalities are still busy in defaming people without any proof. We wanna make it clear that all the staff and the students of TLSC are united under the leadership of Ms Carey. This is our demand and the staff of TLSC just want to make it clear to you people that do whatever you like but the day is not far when all these rumours will die down natural death once Ms Carey is back in Pakistan. We will never give up and will fight to the end. If some people still think that they can demoralise or divide The Team Carey through such propagandas, they should know that they we are not among those who surrender under pressure. The victory is certainly for us but for you people, you know what you are waiting for is: |”A humiliating defeat”.

  17. I agreed with Shafiq Sudais,that the few burqa pass female teachers in another words member of Rabta Committee destroying the TLSC as well as the future of the students.I appeal to sensible parent to come forward and save the future of their children from this Rabta Committee.

  18. All the above comments depict a very grim picture of TLSC and reminds us the Karachi Politics of Altaf Hussain as calling the shots from behind sitting in London.This is exactly what Madame Carey is doing right now;she can rightly be dubbed as Altaf Hussain of TLSC as addressing the students and teachers via telephone,intimidating and threatening those who dare differ.The only difference is that in karachi extortion is taken mostly from business community but at TLSC poor students and parents have fallen prey to this as they are charged heavily in monthly fees with other additional charges on different pretext.Moreover,Madam Carey has a Rabta Committee like MQM.A few blue eyed teachers are part of this committee while one female teacher is the self proclaimed haed of this committee.The main task of this committee is to throw dust into the eyes of people stating that all is well at TLSC.Another important task of this committee is spying other teachers,these particular teachers keep a vigilant eye upon other teachers and in case of slight suspicion the message is conveyed to London and thereby intimidation/warn of termination from service is issued.This is the real picture of TLSC.Teachers are not bothered about teaching rather they are more concerned about their own survival.Carey has become a toye in the hands of few self interested teachers particularly one female teacher whose advice and suggestions paved the way for the exit of Carey and now they are looting the school with both hands.We have no problem with Carey but these self centered and greedy teachers must be taken to task before its too late .These few female teachers are responsible for internal conspiracy and infighting that made an aweful mess of the school and brought a bad name to the institution.My humble appeal to all stakeholders is tha please yank back the school from the verge of collapse and from the greedy clutches of these over ambitious teachrs.

  19. Is there any update about the three black kitten of Madam Carey? Heard she is more worried about them than the school and the students who have been suffering due to absence of the principal? Another thing which has become talk of the town is that Ms Carey is under immense pressure from those posing artificial threats to her return.
    In order to minimize the threat level she has started obliging the manipulators by sending them to attend a symposium being organized at Murree. She knows it very well that how sincere is the lady with her whom she has handpicked by rejecting all the qualified teachers for attending the symposium. This could be the effect of the black magic which the woman teacher has been practicing in order to be close to the British lady.
    I would suggest Abdullah to apply the same tactics in a bid to restore himself along with other sacked teachers as the primary schoolteacher who has been handpicked by Ms Carey is believed to be maintaining her repute with the British principal despite all her ill advices through black magic. This is too much from the side of Ms Carey as she is also promoting favouritism by giving undue favour to incompetent teachers.
    The very recent nomination of the primary schoolteacher has made it clear that Ms Carey is no different than a particular Pakistani principal. This blue-eyed woman of Carey who not only misbehaved with female teachers but also openly lied to her supporters that Carey is going to fire a good number of teachers as she had prepared a list.
    I would suggest Ms Carey to first terminate this woman if she has any plan to fire any other staff as she is the major beneficiary due to whom Carey is still suffering. If Carey goes ahead with her plan in sending this particular teacher to Murree completely ignoring the fact that this woman went back to Chitral by refusing to stay in Islamabad under only one pretext: she could not stay in the hotel. Now she is flexing muscles to go to Murree where she had no in-laws. Obviously she will have to stay at hotel. Isn’t this a double standard? Why Carey does not understand these people and discouraging those who are sincerely working for her. If this remains the attitude of Carey, there is no doubt she would lose the support of her genuine supporters sincerely want her return.
    Ms Carey must realize that any favouritism and violation of merit will land her into hot water again even if she comes back as we will approach the interior minister again, seeking cancellation of her visa. We want merit and no favouritism AT ALL.

  20. I am also one of Ms. Carey’s great admirers and pray for her early return. It is a fact that the school and the students badly need her guidance. At the same time I would like to point out that I also applied for a position of lecturer in Chemistry at TLSC with great expectations that a foreigner will ensure selection on merit. But I was shocked when an incompetent daughter of a female teacher was handpicked by Ms. Carey without any test interview. Her only qualification was that her mother was acting as so-called adviser to Ms. Carey, whose advises later paved the way to all this controversy due to which Ms. Carey is yet to get her visa. She must have realized that the teachers who were handpicked by bulldozing the merit have now spoiled the reputation of the school as parents have started complaining against them. I request Ms. Carey Schofield to ensure merit and appoint people purely on merit instead of giving undue favours to the incompetent daughters and sons of the vested interests working at the school.

  21. پاکستان بنانے کے بعد اب ہمیں خیال اآیا کہ ہم
    ادارے نہیں چلا سکتے ۔ انگریزوں کو نکالنے کا فیصلہ غلط تہا۔

  22. The management of the school especially Ms Carey must not ignore this burning issue that why some teachers are accused of misguiding the principal by taking advantage of her being new to the school. The comments posted by different readers show that something is wrong. It is either some particular people towards whom people are constantly pointing fingers or a lobby within the school is still actively busy in hatching conspiracy against Ms Carey. If someone has misguided the principal against the sacked teachers, he/she should also be taken to task.

  23. The question is not of Carry or Abdullah. It is a question of upholding and encouraging merit and honesty above everything else. Incidentally this has become a good test case.

  24. Use your commonsense. Both Abdullah and Ms Carey have become controversial. I trust their ability but commonsense should prevail. If you look at the opinion of parents and all those who have some interest in this school, they are divided into pro and anti Carey groups. So accommodating anyone of them would create bad blood among stakeholders.
    Secondly, this is not an issue of Chitral rather a dispute within a school that even does not have any branches elsewhere. So we should look at the issue in that perspective. Moreover, we should also try to know if Miss Carey wants to come back and resume the charge. So far, we have not heard a single word from her.

  25. We the teachers of Langland school and college striving our level best to bring Ms Cary back to chitral to make her vision comes true that she has about the school.She is committed and determined to make it as one of the best school of the world.Let us be united to make the school free of politics and play our role in providing better and conducive learning environment to our children.Ms Cary had made a structure within the school and was implementing a smooth, transparent, accountable and result oriented system.But unfortunately her visa issue came, also some of the elements does not want to see the school Operation run smoothly.It is the need of the hour to remain united to bring Ms Cary back in the true intrest of all stakeholders particularly the students and parents.

  26. What nonsense is this. The Chitralis are getting into habit of concealing their names and bad mouthing others. If you check all the names above are fake.

  27. Langland school and college is the leading institute and the best future of our children’s. Do think hundred times before doing and writing anything. We are not here to criticize but we have to make right decisions to save the future of our children’s. We should sacrifice our self interest for nation interest.
    Last request to the teachers that they are role model and it is not a job, it is a noble cause and sacrifice whole your potential and energy for imparting quality education to our children’s. We need Mam Carey back, who is the right person to lead a team in a proactive manner. I request from the authorized authorities to issue visa for Madam so that she can serve Chitral in positive way. We are proud of her.

  28. @syed
    where is it now standing .?you can judge it by the comments of its present teachers…They are involved in pleasing their mistress by publically naming and insulting other individuals.their result efficiency is zero as you can well judge by recent result im which govt colleges grabbed the top resuls.they are constantly making situations whereby the school closed five times a year.their greedy whims even pushed them to lahore where they remained standing for 3 days to make themselves win the game.The school remained closed.They are playing with the future of our childran.I have never seen such an institution anywhere where teachers are so involved ..Their duty is teaching not meddling in affairs outside their capacity.In the past Distt govt was involved in the affairs of the school as the govt has given sufficient funds to should now come farward in settling the mess as it is not someones personal property but a beacon of knowledge for the people of chitral.

  29. I am an ex-student of Sayurj and I have personally witnessed the decline of the school’s standards. It was a private school which was charging their students to provide quality education but alas it was not the case. I don’t know what happened afterwards but 10 years ago the school was in an abysmal state. Teachers would not come to classes or will let the students go and enjoy, drug and alcohol usage was the norm of the day. There was no drinking water, no working toilets in the school and the list goes on. I don’t know what to name it but honestly it didn’t seem like a school. Who was responsible for this? It was the ex-Principal, the teaching and the administrative staff.
    Never seen Ms. Carey but I was impressed with the way she reformed the school and made it look like an institution. As long as the ex-teachers are concerned, there are some good teachers which are still there but unfortunately most of them have to go. If you don’t perform you need to go and if you didn’t perform in the past still you have to go (on the basis of your past convictions).
    Just ask anyone who have graduated from Sayurj in the period 2004-2007 and you will get the same response.

  30. Thing’ s that we don’t ‘ve courage to face any truth, facts and realities. And that’s the reason we are suffering in a great manner. Carey Schofield volunteered to come from the UK to take up the job of principal in backward area Chitral. You must admit that Miss Carey was not taking over a bed of roses. She needed to take tough decisions to ensure the school was overcome the challenges it was facing.And all chitralis realize her hectic effort.
    The parents, teachers, students and Board of Governors deeply appreciates the intellectual and supervision qualities of her, she has shown in addressing the problems the school facing. Now it’s good to hear that G D Langlands also realizes the remarkable service of Carey and appreciates her performance. And he told that some wrong persons were trying to make artificial crises.He asked the government to issue visa to Carey Schofield.It’s requested to all, Be patient and wait for Miss Carey.
    This’s the time that all of you should realize Miss Carey is still the rightful principal rather than making propaganda. I therefore appeal to interior minister to immediately approve Miss Carey visa so that she can return and resume what she has started.

  31. Lo ji! Ye teachers nehi huye goya bikao mal hai jinhen mam Carey ne paise d kr kharida hai. Aap logon ki mentality ko salam. Kyun Chitralio k impression ko kharab kr rehe ho. Qyun logon k mu se nawala cheen rehe ho? Qyun zamin k khuda banay huye ho? Apney ghulam zehno ko janjhoro aur khuley dil se sochna shuru karn. Apni tabahi ka saman aur is idare ki barbadi ka saman paida kr rehe ho!

  32. Come on guys, grab your keyboards and start bringing down the anti-Carey group to their knees. We are “The Team Carey”. We will never surrender. We are about to win the battle. One thing I would like to make clear here is that 99 percent work is done as this is the inside story which I wanted to share with pro-Carey group. Start preparations as we will join you along with Ms Carey via PK787 early morning flight any time soon. Invite Chitral Scouts band, Lotkuh and Chuinj ustadan or artiste as the time to celebrate our victory is hardly few days away. Don’t be discouraged and misled by listening the propaganda spread by a particular group, who have nothing except resorting to these cheap tactics. It is so great to see people like my friend Hakim Behush coming forward in support of Ms Carey. Keep fighting Mr Behush as you are never old and the time has come you must stand like a rock by the supporters of Ms Carey. I also request Professor Syed Muhammad Taufeeq Jan, Abdul Wali Khan Advocate, Dr Gulzar Ahmed Khan, etc to play their in the the ongoing movement for bringing Ms Carey Schofield back at any cost. Come on young boys and girls, the energetic teachers of the school both male and female…spring into action as you people are proud members of Ms Carey’s team. This is my firm belief that the team captained by a brave lady like Ms Carey Schofield will never lose the battle as for, Carey, the “word failure is a word unknown” – Nasrul Minallahi Wa Fatahun Qareeb “Certainly, the help from Allah is near”. Ameen, summa Ameen.

  33. Allah pak aap sab ko tawfiq den key aap key mental abnormality tez normal hojaye otherwise aap logon ko kia sabaq den gey…..sary umar lalayee ma guzri hakim behush …akhery umar ma kia kham ustad hon gey???????ye qawm key bachon ka nahi kuch nam nihad logon ka jahgrha ore nafsiaty jhang ha….1 aag jisey lagay gya he bujaney key lye nahi…

  34. I beg to differ with the female teacher of Langlands School and College Chitral in some of the points she has highlighted in her comment. The ground reality is that Mrs Shahida misguided Ms Carey due to which she terminated the services of sir Abdullah and other teachers.
    As far as Ms Saima is concerned, she will soon meet the similar fate like other sacked teachers as she has no idea what she is doing. And this will prove to be very dangerous for her as she is backing a very wrong person despite knowing all the controversies and warning by the management.
    The decision to terminate sir Abdullah was 200 percent right as he is the man who had declared himself as the owner of the school. How can I forget when he kicked my ass in front of all my friends when I could not pay half of my tuition fee in time.
    We pray for the successful return of Madam Carey as she streamlined all the issues faced by the school. Madam Carey’s appointment as principal of a school is a blessing otherwise the school had turned into a tora bora where use of drugs especially charas became integral part of the syllabus.
    I would like to appeal Madam Carey to terminate all other teachers especially for extending underhand support to Abdullah for one reason or another despite drawing hefty packages.
    A detailed investigation is need of the hour to secure the future of the school otherwise these cunning people will keep misguiding Madam Carey and create another problem for her, which will be disastrous for the school as well as the area.

      1. My very dear former Langlandians, how Ms. Shahida misguided Ms. Carey Schofield about Mr Abdullah, will be crystal clear once she is back in town. As you sow, so shall you reap. Differences apart that Abdullah was ten times better and competent than Her Excellency Ms Shahida. The sole purpose of people like is to safeguard her own vested interest by glorifying herself in front of a foreigner. We request the management that two people from the same family must not be allowed to work in the same school as this gives birth to internal politics. And exactly this happened and some people played role in paving the way for themselves, their kith and kin by creating the controversy, which took place only after some of these people misguided Ms Carey.

  35. miss lady teacher!
    you are living in a fool’s is a school not you in-laws where such itty bitty affairs are publicised .you have concealled your own identity but named the other lady is called publi lc leg pulling…endangering the services of others.Just remember one thing if the othrs teachers services were unsecure how can yours be safe?you will be thrown out after using just like tissue paper

  36. Yes we went to Lahore. We can even go to UK to bring back Ms. Carey back. She is the future of Chitrali children as well as the future of the school is linked to her return. We are struggling because we are paid good packages, salaries and this is the time we the teachers should play our roles. The package is only thing or everybody is doing job. We will return to Lahore again if the issue is not solved. The beating their chest due to frustration are free to do whatever they like because struggling for our rights is our democratic right. If Imran Khan can stage sit in for 126 days why can not we hold sit in Lahore or Islamabad. We along with our proud leaders Prince Miraj Ul Mulk and Prince Siraj Ul Mulk comprising Mr. Sher Haider, Mrs. Shaheeda, Mrs. Ameena, Miss. Yasmeen Shah, Miss. Zaibun Nisa, Ms. Razia, Mr. Alhaj Muhammad Khan, Mr. Hakeem Behush and above all Ms. Saima whom Mr. Abdullah thinks stand by his side, will prove that Madam Carey is inevitable for Langlands school. Mrs. Rani will also join us upon her arrival from Saudi Arabia, while Ms. Saima and Ms. Zakia will join us any time from Chitral, as they just pretend that they are taking the side of Abdullah. In fact Ms. Saima and Ms. Zakia are the two woman teachers who will support people like Abdullah over their dead body because Abdullah was very to Ms. Saima and he wants her services to be terminated which she has now realized and she will not do any blunder which can put her job at risk as she is getting Rs.55,000 plus per month salary.

  37. We as parents request the high authorities to please help this school getting out of this mess. The teachers are puppets in the hands of their vested interest who even closed the doors of the school for their own interest and greed. This is not the 1st time but the 3rd time during this year. It was during the months of March, June and during the last week of October that our children suffered.

  38. I am unable to understand this issue. Langlands seems not a school in Chitral but a controversial private company without any rules and a boss at helms. For years the students have suffered in the hands of individuals who have no direct interest in the shape of children studying there. I mean what interest a BoG member sitting in Punjab would have in this school. I pity the parents who are still sending their wards to this school with such a controversial record. How many teachers are currently on the payroll of the school. 50 of them travelling to Lahore and giving ‘dharna’ outside its former principal to come to Islamabad and ask his old student Ch. Nisar to issue visa to a British principal. What a drama? I am surprised why parents are not taking notice for the sake of their kids.
    My request to you all please think for the future of your children, they are children of Chitral. Stop politics and remove anyone doing politics on this.
    Thank you.
    Muhammad Khan

  39. These teachers are the ones who spoke all the odds against Langlands now they have gone all the way to Lahore to persuade Langland to bring back Carey. Langlands refused to meet them during the first two days but they gave ‘dharna’ in front of his gate. While the school remained closed behind. I ask one question why the govt is silent over this whole drama. Our children are suffering. It is the fourth time that the school is closed during the current year. These greedy and incompetent teachers must be taught a lesson. They are doing this just for their huge pay. They show devotion for not Carey but for money while their efficiency has fallen to zero degree.

    1. Madam Carey Schofield is the hope of excellence and she is the only person who deserve for the principal-ship. She took charge of this school at the time when it was totally disrupted and there was no rules and regulations at all. What she did within these two years is clearly visible to all of you. She will do more if she has given a chance. Believe that, this lady has a very high vision and you will see in the presence of her the school will reach at the top most level. You are the most unfortunate people that you don’t realise the efforts of Madam Carey. A lady left her home came to your country and serve to educate your children. You should appreciate her rather blaming. As for as the sacked teachers are concerned, this is a privet institution where the principal has full authority to select or reject any teacher and this is the case in all good institution. Instead of blaming Madam Carey you can’t sent email to her in order to clear your mind. And this is only for relevant people. Irrelevant people should not involve themselves in this issue. Some people are doing propaganda against Madam Carey and creating misconception on public mind about her. They can’t succeed because progress is visible. At last its my appeal that please, do understand what is right and what is wrong. If you want to produce fair, honest, responsible, transparent and skillful pupil’s of good behavior then please rise hand with us and say openly, WE WANT Madam Carey BACK.

  40. Why there is so fuss about this issue. 50 teachers going to Lahore from Chitral and bringing the old man to Islamabad to ask a minister to please issue visa to Carey. It would have been better had these teachers attended their duty to teach the students instead of remaining absent for so many days. As a parents I would like to request other parents to protest against the absence of these teachers from duty. They are being paid huge salary out of the fees to teach the students, they have no business whether the govt is issuing visa to Carey or not. Who took these teachers to Lahore should also be exposed. This is beyond my comprehension why they have made the issue of Carey as a question of survival for Langlands school?
    Riaz Husain

  41. Carey Schofield must return back to chitral as she is the only one who deserves it and can handle it much better than MR. Abdullah.

    1. @almas: The people of Chitral do not lack people more capable than both Miss Carey and Mr. Abdullah. As both have become controversial, it would be in the interest of the people as well as the students of Langlands School and college to appoint a third person as the principal. This is the only solution otherwise the school would be suffering from the politics of grouping backed by Carey and Abdullah.
      Imtiaz Booni.

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