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Charun-Oveer residents seek urgent help

oveer2 It is a small village which consists of about 170 households and agriculture is the main source of income of the residents. Currently, due to the earthquake, nearly 90 percent of the houses are fully and partially damaged. Not only the buildings have been damaged but all the assets that were inside the houses are now unable to be used. It is a huge destruction in the history of Chitral. oveer The people of this area were hardly meeting their basic needs. Saving ratio is almost equal to zero. Now the people of this area have nothing to start their lives with. Now they are helpless and homeless and waiting for the relief from the government and different NGOs. Community of Charun-Oveer is looking sympathetically towards the provincial, federal governments, NGOs and other philanthropists for the relief work as soon as possible. oveer3]]>

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  1. Shah Karez says

    Hearts bleed with the affected, but they will soon withstand the miseries, their spirits are high, they are hopeful about their future. I have seen them not mourning but hoping and thinking about more stability to come to their lives. Don’t worry Guljee they will soon recover from the shock. Meanwhile the humanity is requested to come to their rescue from the ensuing severe cold or it will be too late.

  2. Gul jee says

    To all my brothers and sisters of Chitral in general and particularly of Charun Oweer village on the occasion of this painful natural disaster due to earthquake, we are completely sad and involved in their griefs, difficulties lost of lives and worldly damages. As a human being we all bow down in front of these kind of natural destruction, because these are not men made but beyond our approaches and expectations. In the Constitution of Humanity (Holy Quran) Allah says “And we will most certainly try you with somewhat of fear and hunger and loss of property and lives and fruits, and give good news to the patient.Who ,when a misfortune be falls them say:Surely we are Allah’s and to Him we shall surely return. Those are they on whom are blessings and mercy from their Lord ,and those are the followers of the right course” ( Al-Baqara 155-157). We pray to Almighty God for the rest of the departed souls and seek Allah’help for courage to be strong and humble on the occasion of these kind of natural destruction and also praying for quick recovery of injured due to this earthquake .My brothers and sisters of Charun Oweer I myself and my family members are here vary sad and worry about your well being.there are a lot of tears in our eyes to see your pain and difficulties through media .We are thankful to Almighty Allah that yours lives are safe and sound, property damage is repairable. Insha’Allah you will again rebuild your homes and the beauty of Charun Oweer will soon come back.On this occasion I salute the people and relatives of surrounding villages specially Subedar Mehboob from Marchmuri Booni to come to Charun Oweer and offering help that is real brotherhood. We will do Inshallah our part too.
    Gul Jee Canada

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