Pluralistic colours of Islam panacea for all ills

Hudaibiya and Hujjat ul Wida presented a universal preamble for human rights and it became the golden part of United Nations Charter. We have a crystal-clear example of Arabian peninsula before the advent of Islam, we cannot blink the fact that they were trapped of the moor of ignorance and brutality. Islam revolutionized Arab in all aspect of life,politically, socially, emotionally and morally. Anarchy and lawlessness was at the pinnacle and the concept of might is right was hovering around the peninsula .Islam taught them how to buried the hatchet and how to hold the branches of olive in the time of crisis and conflict. Islam united the dispersed Arab into one nation enabled them to defeated superpower the Bazentine and Sassanid. Islam abolished the the gruesome habits of female infanticide from Arabia. It was the lugubrious epoch of brutality of Arabs. It was Islam that eradicated alcoholism, intoxication and prostitution from the soil of Arabia. Islam is a religion of dynamism and pluralism, it is not a stagnant and stuntled religion. It is a dynamic religion having translucent value to accept diversity and respect diversity because Allah loves diversity and created the world in the order of diversity. After 9-11 Islam has been presenting is a religion of fundamentalism, extremism and fanaticism. Some fanatic and extremist groups for their own personal interest misinterpreted Islam with false color. Now it is the time we should hoist the flag of pluralism and intellectualism and show the world that we are the apostle of peace, love and tranquility. We should introduce the the true spirit of diversity and pluralism in this way we respect the humanity.]]>

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