Chitral town's water supply line threatened by river flooding

CHITRAL, July 21: The latest flood and rains have damaged Chitral town’s main water supply line, leaving the residents without water for many days.pipe
It may be noted that the main source of water for the Chitral town is the Angargun spring located about 23 kilometers on the Garam Chashma road towards the north.
This water source is operated and maintained by WSU/TMA Chitral. The WSU Chitral is providing safe drinking water to the town and road side villages with a population of about 60,000 within its jurisdiction.
pipesThe water project was completed in 1995 at a cost of Rs160 millions through the KFW/GTZ Germany. The G.I. 12 inch pipes were used in the water supply (ductile cast iron) made in Germany/Korea.
A separate unit namely water supply and sanitation unit, (WSU) Chitral was established for operation and maintenance of the project. It is a self-sustained unit and only source of income is collection of water charges from its consumers.
The current flood badly damaged the entire components of the Angarghun water supply network and the supply of water to the town is disconnected. The water flow in the Lotkhoh River is high now but the main pipe line of Angarghoon passing via Angarghoon, Pachele and Rondoor is fully damaged as the flow in river remains up to 2000 feet. 
It is worth mentioning that the source of water scheme is at the direct hit of the Lotkoh River. If no attention is given properly, the Lotkoh River will wash away the main source and main supply pipe lines and the residents will lose the effectiveness of the important scheme.—Anwar Nawazwater


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