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Nawaz cancels Chitral visit

LAHORE, July 21: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif cancelled his visit to Chitral due to bad weather on Tuesday.

According to a spokesman for the prime minister, Nawaz Sharif was due to leave Lahore for Chitral on Tuesday to review the flood situation and relief activities in the valley. However, due to the bad weather, his visit was cancelled.

The prime minister expressed sorrow over the damages and directed the relief agencies, including NDMA and army, to speed up relief activities in the affected areas of the district. The spokesman said that the prime minister would visit the flood affected areas in Chitral with the improvement in weather.

Meanwhile, due to the intermittent rainfall in Chitral, land erosion continued along the Bando Gol. Due to road closures people are facing shortage of food items and are unable to access medical facilities.

Road closures have affected the Mastuj subdivision, Garam Chashma and the Kalash Valley. Due to continuing rainfall the Chitral River is in a state of flood. In Mastuj flood waters have partially damaged the Degree College building. Due to the shortage of food items caused by road closures many families have relocated and moved to their relatives elsewhere.

Deputy Commissioner Aminul Haq has declared a flood emergency in the entire district and has appealed to the federal and provincial government as well as NGOs seeking their cooperation. The Pakistan Army has already launched a rehabilitation operation alongside the local administration in Chitral.

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  1. Shah Karez says

    Really proud of you my little daughter, keep it up and bloom in the sky.

  2. Saif Ullah says

    It would have been a great new beginning for the PM as for as his relationship with the people of chitral is concerned as his performance in the national level has been quite satisfactory recently. In case of chitral in this hour of need some big announcement for what he is known for would really made the diffrence as compared to his rival in case of chitral Pervez Musharaf. So better luck next time and bad luck for us.

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