7 Replies to “Saga of TLSC – incompetent BoG solely responsible”

  1. very poorly written, part of the mafia keeping the status quo in the school. writing in his own favour living in hiding.

    1. Don’t you think Status-quo is the same BoG for the last one decade? The same people who never change and run the school like their personal property? Who is a Mafia? Abdulah or the local board members who have benefited from the school like no one else?

  2. Mr. Ali Shahpar every thing is on the record, there is Board of governor, there is board of trustee, there have been minuted meetings, there have been discussion to register the school under society act or company laws, and there have been approval of BOG on any decision taken, but it is not necessary to produce all to you.

    1. Thanks. So if it was effective and still there is so much mess, you do agree with me that they are responsible for this and are incompetent and shall be fired immediately??

  3. Very good article.
    Yes in the beginning Langlands sir get 2 crore rupees from sh. Benazir Bhutto, then PM. Out of that money 90 canal property purchased in dolomuch for 55 lakh rupees in 1990. That time no one buy that land for even 1 lakh rupee, ask anyone. Then theeka of building given to relative of capt siraj & he usurp the money & claim more money from langland sir, & not pay a single penny for his children fee. They also studied in this school for 10 Years.
    This is one example. All people talk of it.
    There are many. From ex-accountant Sher Ahmad to Bashir Misri to Dolomuch land mafia, abdullah sir, sher haider sir, miss carey all involved in this one way or the other.
    That is why we request a judicial inquiry as well to clear this mess.
    So that rumor can be separated from fact.
    Nasir khan

  4. This is the most logical and readable piece of writing so far that highlights the actual crux of the issue.Now this ineffective and dormant BoG should be done away with and new effective one be constituted ASAP.All the wolves in sheeps clothing have to be exposed and broght to book.I am quite optimistic that it may turn out to be a blessing in disguise and TLSC be put on the right brass.Anyway Kudus to the writer.

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