BoG member terms DC Chitral’s claim ridiculous

By Zulfiqar Ahmad
ISLAMABAD, June 30: A key member of the board of governors (BoG) of Langlands School and College Chitral on Tuesday came down hard on the deputy commissioner Chitral for declaring himself as the chairman of the BoG, saying he (DC) had no role at all in the matters of the institution.

In a telephonic interview with ChitralToday, Azam Khan, former chief secretary Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, who is a member of the school’s BoG, said except Javed Majeed, an ex-deputy commissioner Chitral and the founder of the school, no DC ever acted as the chairman of the BoG.
Mr Khan said since the school was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) under the Societies Registration Act 1860 as a non-profit company, it had regularly been electing its chairman, adding the claim of the DC was ‘ridiculous’.
He maintained that being a chairman of the school was too big a claim which the deputy commissioner Aminul Haq should have said after great consideration, as he had nothing to do with the school management. “It’s being run by its board of governors”.  
“Raza Kuli Khan is the incumbent chairman of the school’s board of governors and I don’t know from where this deputy commissioner has jumped in…we’ve held some two BoG meetings [and] kept a vigilant eye on the issue. I have also told the chief secretary to take notice of what the DC has done,” he added.
To a question about the alleged role by the DC in making the school controversial, Mr Khan categorically said if he had any role whosoever he would face the music, adding: “Who are you [DC] to stage a coup on the school…who has given you the authority and in which capacity you’re doing all this…”.
He said the chief secretary Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Mohammad Amjad Khan told him about the reports coming from the deputy commissioner. Mr Khan said it was his proposal to form a committee in order to expose those misusing their authority and misleading the top government officials.
“The chief secretary is sending secretary education to Chitral to look into the matter and I’m going to meet him again tomorrow [and] let’s see how the DC takes over the school,” he maintained.
“It’s a very good school and Carey Schofield has streamlined everything. It was the directives of the BoG to fire the teachers as some of them were taking drugs, while others’ performance was extremely poor,” he added.
According to Azam Khan, the group of terminated teachers got the signature of Major Langlands on a letter addressed to federal interior minister Chaudhary Nisar Ali Khan in Lahore and requested him to stop the renewal of Carey Schofield’s visa.
“Chaudhary Nisar was misguided by these people (sacked teachers) and stopped Carey’s visa. We’ll discuss the issue with the interior minister and bring the facts to the limelight as they misguided the country’s interior minister,” said Azam Khan.
The group of sacked teachers, he said, also met National Assembly Speaker Sardar Ayaz Sadiq, a former Aitchisonian, with reference to Major Langlands and also misled him which had deepened the controversy.
“We all know that Langlands, a 97-year-old man is unable to even recognize the former boys who studied under him at Aitchison College in Lahore. This thing must stop here as people have started exploiting an honourable old man for their own vested interest,” he maintained. 

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  1. Dr.Faizi a worldly known scholar,an intellectual and social scientist of chitral,who has the much coveted presidential award to his credit.Teachers and guide of thousand of chitralies is under the caustic and irrational attack of his malevolent opponents.As cronies of the vested interests can’t stand his logical.argumentative and factual presentations of the societal they have started to malign and defame him through their sarcastic and far from truth remarks.Dr.Faizi ,carry on your behavior of calling a spade a spade.We chitralies are with you and feel proud of you….

  2. Mr.TLSC Tiger.You call himself tiger but tiger does not hide itself.You are here under fake name.Your hidden name itself suggests that you are a liar. Let me tell you that you should appear here under your original name.

  3. I wonder what are the sources of Ms. Carey income so as to pay everything “out of her own pocket”. If she s receiving philanthropic contribution, isnt it for the school rather her own expensive living in 5 star hotel? And she, if running the school should draw a reasonable salary as per standard of living in Chitral rather than using “her own” money. “Her own” money should be deposited in the school account to serve much better purpose.

  4. Mr. Shahan! You are father of four children? So aged person but you are spreading fake information in the holy month of Ramadan. We are in TLSC, we know the realities better then any other, who were efficient teachers? Those who resigned and joined Terichmir School? My foot, believe me they were ‘kaamchoor’ and disqualified persons, they never took interest with their courses, never completed their courses in time and were always blaming and fighting with each other. Secondly, Ma’am Carey paid all her bill from her own pocket and do you know in her two years duration she raised more funds for TLSC than Langlands’ 27 years? She closed ‘Tora Bora’ culture and brought out many educational reforms. If you never saw your four children’s monthly test report? And if you never attended calls from your children’s class teachers about their performance? Think and truly reply if you are true Muslim! And yes come to Dolomutch, we will show you the reforms and positive changes in TLSC. But don’t tell lie in the holy month of Ramadan and don’t misguide others, okay?

  5. Kausar Ul Mulk
    This reminds me the administrative activism of late Qudratullah Shahab in late fifties and impressed by his activism famous poet Syed Zamir Jaafari wrote the following lines;
    ” Jahan par inqilab huta hai….. Qudratullah Shahab huta hai”. This couplet rightly fits Mr. Akram,
    ” Jahan par intizam e be hangam huta hai…. Abdul Akram huta hai”. The better is Mr. Akram should also be posted out of Chitral along with his boss.

  6. @Shahan:
    Enough is enough. And this defamatory campaign must stop or else we have all the rights to drags these people to the court. The baseless propaganda campaign by this gentleman reflects his own mindset and priorities. They have nothing to do with the school. The commission, corruption and these things could be expected from a local principal but the whole Chitral is witnessed to the contribution what Ms. Carey Schofield has done for the school especially for our young generation.
    The allegation which the commentator had referred is not privy us all. For example, Langlands School and College earlier used Oxford University Press textbooks. It is also fact that after discussion with the staff, and consultation to decide on the right series of books, the school switched back to Oxford University Press.
    This should be clear that no commission at all – 25% or anything else – was paid to the Principal or to any one else at the school. This is just to set the record straight and we must not impose our mentality on honourable people.
    I would also like to tell the gentleman that he clearly cannot imagine that some people are not corrupt. Let me also make it crystal clear that not one single penny has gone from the school’s bank account to pay for the accommodation of the Principal Schofield at Hindu Kush Heights. The record of the school is open for all and if anybody is till not sure they are free to check the record.
    MS Carey Schofield has paid the bills herself, from her private bank account, and has spent a lot of money keeping and feeding the volunteer teachers…if you people are not sure, you can check how many volunteer teachers had been teaching at the school.
    The thing which I would like to reiterate here is those who have accused my uncle Sirajul Mulk must think ten times as whatever he has been doing for the welfare of his people is like an open book. Someone has rightly said that had there been two more Sirajul Mulk, the fate of Chitral could have been changed altogether.
    So I would like to make it crystal clear that “NO RENT IS BEING PAID TO ANY MEMBER OF SIRAJ ULMULK’S FAMILY FOR A CAR”. This should be clear to everybody. You must also know that “THERE IS NO HOUSE UNDER CONSTRUCTION FOR PRINCIPAL CAREY SCHOFIELD”.
    I am sorry to say that all these white lies of the gentleman reveal the way he thinks and behaves. There should be some decency but unfortunately these people have simply crossed all the limits of decency, which is not acceptable. They have nothing to do with the way the school is being run now. For the record, Sir Langlands salary was far more than 10,000. And for details you can check with the school that how much salary he used to draw.

  7. So some of our worthy fellows are of the view that except them and Mr. Siraj no one else is allowed to write on this issue. Good enough. But can you please rebut the points raised by Mr. Shahan with your “logical arguments”. Isn’t it a conflict of interest if the school principal is living in the expensive hotel of a BoG member? And in the same analogy of your reasoning, can we assume that you guys too have your own axe to grind with DC Sahib Bahadir and only capitalizing on this issue in demonizing him?

  8. @ Asaad, what a nice reflection about the modern people in your comment and their chmcha gheeri.. wow very great yar…..

  9. Brilliant analysis by Asaad about the mental picture of some commenters. Excellent bro carry on we are with you.

  10. Pro Carey group remind us of the Elizabethan Age of England when writers and poets had no liberty to write except under the patronage of a lord and they began their writing piece with the eulogies of their masters.To them, the over lord would be a paragon of all earthly attributes and accomplishments because they owed them their living, their status and fame. Fortunately, the court of Mehtars of Chitral was more republican and more accommodative to the personal freedom of the courtiers. The court of Mehtar Aman ul Mulk has been praised by an English writer to be more democratic than the English court of his time. But pro Carey Court is obviously lorded over by one master and the rest seem to be obsequious followers. Prince Siraj Ulmulk is an honourable man. We all keep him in great esteem but being a mortal, made up of flesh and bones, he is vulnerable to human foibles so we can not idolize him. This is certainly twenty first Century, our education must enable us to think on our own, we must utter our own original words, our choices should be our own, our decisions should be based on our judicious understanding of the situation. To me , this rebuttal led by one individual on the Carey side is growing emotional day by day instead of being rational and result oriented as they have started beating about the bush by maligning irrelevant personalities and officers out of their frustrations. Therefore it is advisable that Prince Siraj Ulmulk may announce cease fire of the battle of words and call his men to put down their guns and patiently wait till decision are made by the authorities after Eid Ul Fitr.

  11. My dear Ruhan, I respect your feelings and worries about me. But you cannot understand my feelings. I am a father of four children studying in this school and more in my family. I consider better future of my children as my lifetime achievement. But right here the whole future of my kids is at stake. The future of TLSC is in risk. I am not able to find any better institution for them. Let me tell you that I don’t want any foreigner as principal in this school who administers the affairs of the institution carrying her dog in classrooms and with the consultation of her security guard. What I am saying is on the record, and if you are living in Chitral, then you must go to school and ask from the students. Pro-Carey group says that she is a good administrator and they are hell bent upon proving this. But again I reject this notion on grounds that she is a journalist, and has nothing to do with education. If she was a good administrator, then why six efficient teachers resigned from this school in protest and established their own school. I would like to say that she was a good businesswoman than an administrator. She herself ordered the books from Oxford University Press and got commission of 25% on books sale.
    She remained in the most expensive hotel of Chitral, The Hindukush Heights, and the bill of her stay was paid from school accounts. While GD Langlands got salary of 10000 out of the school accounts and his accommodation charges did not exceed 3000 rupees per month. I have no grudges with Capt. Siraj, as he is a Chitrali, and a brilliant son of Chitral. But I differ with his support to unjust.
    Mr. Siraj is saying that we will be seeing new DC in Chitral. That is true as some of the higher authorities from Islamabad told me that complaints have been registered against DC Chitral with Imran Khan. He also told me that they want Rehmatullah Wazir as next DC to Chitral. But I want some questions to be answered.
    1. What is wrong with DC Chitral, if he tries to save the government funds invested in TLSC and endowment fund from the lavish lifestyle of Carey.
    2. We are talking about BoG, but no one knows about the actual membership of BoG, and I want the paper constituting the BoG of this school.
    As far as my allegations are concerned, I offer you to visit Dolomuch for proofs. If I am to be sued, then I think that it will be the happiest moment of life. And another word, Yes I can stand if I am sued.

    1. A miki xan you are fairly swayed by conspiracy theories and rash “anti-Carey and Siraj” drive. Koi baat karni hey tou tehqeeq karo pehley. On the one hand, you are blown by the hearsays and conspiracy theories, and blindly believe in them; but on the other hand you take facts for granted. What standard is this? I challenge you to prove that Carey has paid her hotel charges from TLSC funds. You will be surprised to know that Carey has not yet drawn a single penny of salary from the school. Go to Bank Alfalah, and ask them. She has paid every penny of her hotel charges from her own money. Plus she even pays the charges of volunteer foreign teachers out of her own pocket, NOT from TLSC account.
      As your grudge (or perhaps phobia) with Siraj ul Mulk. Well he is a business man, apart from being a strong influential man and a Chitral-loving activist. He has established the hotel purely on the basis of hardwork. He needs no Carey to stay in the hotel so that he could mint money. Come on! His hotel usually homes very high caliber foreign guests, like celebrities, envoys, professionals, business tycoons etc. The money coming from them is too much for him. He cannot even think of grabbing the children’s fund in the school trust. Those who think like that are suffering from either complex or grudge. Visit his hotel sometimes and study the visitors’ book. Ingar complexo luan mo dyor barnahaqa, pisa taan sum shum nayuran. Apart from his own business he is the only man to get Langland School Trust established by Musharraf, and along with other BoG members he has raised millions of fund for the school. Everything is on the record. He is doing all this due to his love for Chitral and Chitrslis. As for his role in TLSC controversy, it was reasonably mendatory for him, being the only BoG member around from Chitral, to take the lead against the DC, who was trying to hijack the school (along with money). This is very strange of you: You anti-Carey people first took each and every word of Langlands’ orders as “divine commandments.” You believed in him. But later on when he disclosed the foul play of DC and Abdullah to Javed Majeed, the founder of the school, you rejected his words. What standard is this?? Be rational. DC and Abdullah lobby were wrong, yes wrong in politicising a legal issue and spreading wrong narratives. The dismissed teachers could have gone to the court (if they were right), instead of misguiding respected Langlands, only to spoil his good name, and spreading dirty narratives about Carey and Siraj ul Mulk. But how could they go to the court?? They themselves have shut the door of law upon them, by accepting the termination letters along with advanced salaries plus bonus money. They were very cunning to play the unhappy episode of misguiding Langlands, to get themselves reinstated. But, alas! They couldn’t do so ultimately. If we, Chitralis, have sense enough we should realize that they befooled us, while trying to get themselves reinstated, after closing the legal door upon themselves. The DC leading them in the drama, got himself down. “Shikaar karne aaye thay shikar ho k chalay.” Now he gets transferred, along with enquiry against him. Simply, the drop scene is as follows:
      1. DC gets transferred, not without enquiry.
      2. Carey returns, to lead the school for three more years.
      3. Sorry to say, the terminated teachers cannot get reinstated, according to any law or any code on this land.
      4. Only one govt official, may be new DC Chitral or some Secretary will be included as BoG member.
      5. The committee, formed earlier in 2015 by the provincial govt, will meet and decide about the use of grant assistance to the school by KP govt.
      That is all. No big deal.

  12. Miss Carey must be a well educated lady no doubt but what about pro Carey group. They have nothing, just nothing to say something logically. Irony of fate is that they call themselves modern and sort of people looking beyond their noses. Gentlemen! If you go through their comments you may find the following words in abundance that clearly shows their mental picture and level of understanding. These are the words: rubbish, my foot, pissed of, what the hell, nonsense, bull shit or pata nahi or konse shit etc. Other than these words they have nothing to say. And yes! Some have kept blowing the same trumpet of contribution, contribution and contribution of Mr. Siraj. As of being member of BoG is a great contribution and raising millions of fund by Mr. Langlands is nothing. A malgerian akher chamcha gario di kya limit boe. Mgum pesa kho tamam limitan cross kotami.

  13. Come on Mr. Shahan! Do you have guts to stand if Siraj Ulmulk sues you in the court for all the nonsense allegations that you put forth against him? You know it is not difficult to find you out even if you are commenting under a fake name. My very dear brother, look before you leap! Every allegation of yours is baseless and nonsense, mere an allegation. First know the facts and then talk.

  14. I don’t favour to blame AAC Abdul Akram in this controversy. He is a righteous and fair officer. All the young AACs are rendering great services for Chitral. We highly acknowledge their services. Please don’t unduly demonize and criticize fair people. Remain centered on the root-cause of the controversy:it is the DC who is responsible for all this mess up, and frustration of people. We shall be seeing him off very soon insha-Allah!! His bistaraas are being rounded, and trumpets blown!

  15. Kausar Ul Mulk
    I have been an ardent admirer of Dr. Faizi, he is a pride of Chitral. I’ve been following him as a role model, much because of his tremendous acumen,intellect and progressive philosophy. But here my hero let me down completely. Fancy for a moment sir! Your advise is duly endorsed, Carey is sent packing to England, Mr. Abdullah is made principal of the school and he starts bashing Quid e Azam in the morning assembly every day. He starts churning out IJT activists from TLSC, then what would be the difference between TLSC and Qutaiba Public School. The wagon of school will again be at his disposal to be used in construction work of his building. Sorry sir, God forbade this scenario. As far as Abdul Akram is concerned, the problem with him is that he wears his Additional Assistant Commissioner in his sleeve. The raid by the then deputy commissioner with his armed contingent of police at the SSC exam centre last year was also said to be the brainchild of Mr. Akram. His explicit leaning towards a particular religious party is not hidden from people. The whole TLSC saga is actually a well thought out conspiracy to transform TLSC into Qutaiba Public School. I request you honorable Dr. Faizi not to play with the future of our children.

  16. @Siraj ul Mulk, Dr. Faizi and all others.
    Yes, the DC is to be blamed for the unnecessary chaos that he created and played with the future of hundreds of students. His only justification to take silly steps was the “oppar say kaha giya hey” matter, which actually referred to the phone call from the CM to ‘facilitate’ his old teacher and ‘take care of him’ during his visit to Chitral. That was by no means a “hokum” or “permission” to befool Chitralis, first.
    Secondly, the CM had talked to sir Siraj ul Mulk much before talking to the DC. I am personally witness to it. If no, let’s check the Received Call timings in their cellphones.
    Now, whether Carey has to come back to the school or not, that is exclusively the matter of BoG. It is never going to be dealt by the DC, his yesmen and lobbies. I wonder to see that every Tom, Dick and Harry are abusing and demonizing BoG members here, without proper information and knowledge. Hosh kay nakhun pakrho, they are the influential people who raise funds for the school. The school owes a lot to them since establishment. If you know nothing about their contributions to the school, then don’t abuse them, only to expose your ignorance and grudge. As for us, who proudly claim to be “common man” on this page, and abuse and demonize the BoG members and the “elite”. What has been our contribution to the School? We have not even been able to pay our children’s tuition fees on time. TLCS has been facing difficulties and problems because of that. The school’s account records show that more than three hundred families are defaulters of the school. And our “sincerity with the school” ye kis khait ki mooli hey?? Enough is enough. Kindly do not demonize respectable people who are rendering selfless services to Chitral. They are the ones who have contributed a lot to the school. If you have no knowledge of this fact, well that is your problem. We can never afford to allow a few individuals or a lobby play with the future of the school only to fulfill their vested interests. Every day they are spreading nonsense narratives and conspiracy theories, and are demonising respectable individuals.
    Come on! We are living in 21st century, in the Age of Behaviour. Bring yourselves out of “complexes”, whatever they are, and “phobias”, whatever they are. Talk rationally and sensibly. If you have nothing sensible to say, say nothing.
    As for Siraj ul Mulk, as far as i know him, he is the only man in Chitral who gives really tough time to the “high officials” of Chitral. He cares for none. He can never ever think of compromise with the larger interests of Chitral, for the sake of personal interests. He is the one who directly names and points finger to officials,individuals or parties, and says right in the face. He doesn’t become diplomatic or hypocrite like others. I wish we had just a few more such personalities in Chitral, no DC or whoever could have dared play with us. We know all other individuals very well. When their axes are ground, they no longer care for the collective good of Chitral. It is due to this submissive and selfish attitude of us, Chitralis, that every corrupt and incompetent officer exploits us. Instead of commendation for a man who fights for the future of the school, in multiple forums, we are demonising him. What an irony! And those few individuals who destroyed the school (as part of it and otherwise), and the DC are hailed here as heroes. What an irony! Enough is enough! This unpleasant episode should prove to be a wake-up call for all Chitralis to unite for our collective good, and stand against the designs of corrupt officers.
    Wait a minute! This school episode is just one example of DC’s game with education in Chitral. The second and perhaps more serious one is the way he played with the cause of an independent university in Chitral. I have been into it. “Heard melodies are sweet; but those unheard are sweeter.” I had met the Additional Secretary Higher Education, and CPO Higher Education a couple of times last winter. What was their plan to merge the two campuses in Chitral, and get an independent university; and how the DC played with that; why did he do so..??? “Ye kahaani phir sahi..” Another cat is about to come out of the bag, wait. An investigative journalist is working on it. DC sab ap kay jatey jatey ek sher arz hey:
    “Nikalne Khuld sey Adam ka suntey aaye hain lekin,,
    Boht bay-aabroo ho kar terey koochay say ham nikley!”

  17. The AAC Abdul Akram along with DC Aminul Haq should be posted out as they have become controversial. These officials instead of working for the welfare of people have started pleasing their senior baboos. Sirajul Mulk has exposed all hidden faces behind the school controversy. Posting out the DC alone is not enough as there are other people who seem behind it. Abdullah alone could not have done such a manipulation such as getting fake signatures of GDL and misguiding the interior minister. And this could not have been possible without the support of the DC and his AAC.

  18. Dear Mr Shahan ( are you using your right name?) every word you have written is WRONG. But that no longer important. What is important is that the majority of the people who think different to you have won. We shall soon be seeing another DC coming to Chitral.

  19. Dr. Inayatullah Faizi: You are a renowned educationist and can assess the outcome of any institution in Chitral. You are educated person and should not illogically criticize the performance of a professional. Sir it is better, you may logically criticize the behavior of those people who disrupt the smooth running of the school. I am being the part of the TLSC , know everything was running well and the board of governor was functionng well, until this artificial crises was created. Carey Schofield has done much more to buildup the school from the last two years. We believe that no effort is final as there is always room for improvement. You should not launch attacks the performance of Carey Schofield, since you are not a member of board of governor.

  20. Mr. Siraj your forefathers have been and will be remembered in the best words of a historian. Like Curzon speaks the court practices of Mehtar Aman ul Mulk, as the most sober and sagacious ruler. “The Young Prince”, H.H. Shuja ul Mulk is best regarded for his rule and policies. “The Saintly Ruler” H.H. Nasir ul Mulk is still commemorated in the educational development of Chitral. But you are hell bent upon destroying an educational institution in the hands of your puppet lady just to carve out monetary benefits. Isn’t it true the old ex-principal, Carey, given 47 lac rupees to you for her stay in your hotel? Am I wrong to say that one of your brothers was given the contract of one crore rupees for the construction of boundary wall without following any rules and regulations. Is this not correct that a Rava 4 vehicle of your brother has been given to Carey on rent of worth Rs. 5000 a day. Is this not a fact that you are constructing a house for Carey on rent of worth one lac rupees per month. Is this not true that you kept the DC Chitral in darkness about his role in BOG, and when the DC Chitral inquired you on this matter you only kept silence?
    Why Mr. Siraj? Why are you playing with the future of the people of Chitral. Why are you keeping the people in darkness? And now when the DC Chitral has asked the provincial government to take over the school, then you are asking for public opinion to launch a campaign against DC Chitral. Now you are dragging him and Mr. Abdul Akram into non issues. While Mr. Abdul Akram is the son of Chitral, the most efficient and law abiding officer in Chitral. Only to divert public opinion you are pulling legs of Mr. Abdul Akram, who has nothing to say in the local bodies elections.
    While the fact is that you are fearful of the powers of religious alliance. The religious alliance is the most powerful alliance in Chitral and no one can compete them in political scenario. You know that well.
    So for heavens sake instead of leading the people to a rightful cause, please do not misguide our people. We have had enough. You have your agents calling the shots on your behalf. But believe me you will never be successful in your cause.

  21. Respectable Capt. Siraj has shot all the arrows in his quiver and expressed his frustrations at last and a common man like me can read his melancholic mind like this: 1- We have lost Miss Carey for ever as she is bound to live the rest of her days in her native town. 2-He aspires to see Tom ,Dick, Harry or a son of Carey (any Englishman or a westernized Pakistani) to fill the much coveted slots o f. D C Chitral and AAC Chitral instead of Mr. Aminul Haq and Mr. Abdulakram who are public friendly local officers. 3-He is upset with the momentous victory of the deserving JI in the local bodies election which is though a political reality but unpalatable for a man of his stature. My advice to Capt. Siraj is to come out of his ivory tower and feel the pulse of societal dynamics by being an altruistic contributor in the betterment of his fellow Chitralis which is behooves a man of your caliber rather than manipulating concocted stories to turn the rebuttal controversial every day.

  22. Dr. Inayatullah Faizi:
    Apropos Prince Siraj Ulmulk’s comments on TLSC & without any context bringing Aminul Haq and Abdul Akram into lime light. I thought Prince Sirj Ulmulk will either do something in silence or would come up to discuss ideas not personalities particularly people in govt service. The facts about the BoG of TLSC are known to all and sundry. This was started as a brain child of late Wali ur Rehman advocate who was intimate friend of Mr.Javed Majeed. The DC Chitral used to be the Chairman of BoG for many years. After the demise of Mr. Wali ur Rehman advocate the BoG was hijacked by vested interests and now the school has a BoG in which 90% members do not know where the school is and how does it work! For example, Mr.Azam Khan and Raza Kuli khan have no interest in the school. Neither their children or grand children attended the school, nor will they attend. The sympathizers of the school, like the learned writer Prince Siraj Ulmulk should take time to discuss the matters with founder members of BoG . In 21st century we should not look towards England for running a small school. I am confident the school will flourish without Carey Schofield as other schools and colleges in Chitral are doing well without an ex-pat principal. The services of Maj.GD Langlands will be remembered for his services to Chitral.

  23. Mr. Siraj Mulk sb. I beg to differ with you here though i completely agree with you on the return of Ms. Carey to the Langland School. Your deliberate character assassination and media trial of of DC seems to be a result of some personal grudge rather than based on facts or of being any public benefit.
    Just see, If CM of the province directs DC (at the behest of Mr. Langland) to to carry out certain tasks, do you feel that the poor folk (the DC) will be able to resist? Should the DC not comply with the CM order by taking a position that certain Mr. Siraj who happen to have his hotel located alongside the school is not on-board. Come on, if you have to blame anyone, the blame the CM of KPk, Mr. Langland first and yes then in the list comes Mr. DC who just carried out an order from his higher ups.
    Do you in your capacity as PAF pilot, would have been able to turn down an order coming the Air Chief?
    Therefore, i request you not to divert attention from the real issue. i.e. return of Ms. Carey. And yes, if you have some conflict of interest in this case that please clarify. Some unconfirmed report suggest that you or some of your relative has got contract to build boundary wall around the school campus. please clarify this as well.

  24. Lets for a while disengage ourselves from Langlands School and concentrate on another important factor that has come up in this episode. The present DC Chitral Mr Aminul Haq.
    After one retd DC Javed Majeed and now one retd. Chief Secretary Mr. Azam Khan have thoroughly exposed him as a person unfit for this post should we the people of Chitral not apply for his posting to another district? Before we answer this question we need to look at his very recent past:
    Some months ago this DC , on recommendations of minister Siraj ul Haq, was posted to his home district Dir. The people of Dir stood up against his posting saying they knew their clansman was not suitable to be DC of their district. When the wish of the people was set aside they went and met GOC 17 Div and appraised him of the consequences of the posting of DC Aminul Haq to Dir. The GOC who knew the ground realities better, and did not want disturbance in his operational area, immediately used the army channels to stop DC Amin’s posting to Dir .
    Three months after this incident DC Amin was posted to Chitral. He was sent here to strengthen the JI and given enough resources to carry out this task. He found a good partner in EAC Abdul Akram and consequently together they succeeded in giving the local body govt in Chitral to JI in a plate.
    What my concern is that we in Chitral have an administrative head who seems to be involving himself in affairs which are not in the interest of Chitral whether short term or long term. His illegal involvement with Langlands school was totally un-necessary. The people of Dir must have had a good reason to resist his posting to their District. We in Chitral must debate this issue with our elected representatives to decide whether we have sufficient reason to ask the provincial govt to consider posting DC Aminul Haq to another district .

    1. We totally agree with Shahzada Siraj sb why non performer DC imposed on Chitral the most peaceful area of the country. We must stand and request to our elected members to raise their voice for his immediate transfer. We have seen many DC’s in our Chitral very cooperative and humble, I take the name of Mr. Javed Majeed, Mr. Arbab Shahzad and Mr. Yousuf and many more. When ever the rankers have been posted here they have destroyed our peace. Now every Chitrali have to stand and raise their voice to out such disputed DC form Chitral. To get signature on 6 blank pages are very big crime. How can he did this act. Further we have gone interview of former DC Chitral Mr. Javed Majeed and Ex-Chief Secretary Azam Khan sb interview to Chitral today. Surprising. The connection of Local body election is also indicating DC involvement. I have visited many polling stations and there were free hand to JI worker to force people to vote to JI but the local body election guide book was saying some thing else. i.e. no body can force to any person to vote any party/individual some 2 KM from the polling area, but I witness that within the poling area JI was active to vote to JI nominees but no one was preventing them. Agree with Shahzada Siraj that this man DC Amin must have transfer to any other district on immediate basis.

  25. I think, the people who are writing are not aware of the game of the old teachers especially Mr. Abdullah. He is clearly representing a specific group of people. Just check his property. This school is for Chitralis not for a group of people. This school has a equal right from Arandu to Broghil and everyone has a right to speak about. What is the result of this school for the last so many years. After spending this huge money, at least you can expect some quality education. We respect Major. Langlands but, he is old enough and we need the lady teacher back to kick the old crooks out from the school.

  26. You will see Mr. taufeeq, come what may your boss and renowned bigot, Abdullah will not be part of team TLSC at least. We are with Zulfiqar and will never allow you and Abdullah to mint money and construct a spacious building in Chitral.

  27. @Haseeb & Fatima : we will soon see whose days are numbered very soon. Secretary Education will nail down all usurpers which includes your beloved miss Carey as well.
    Be ready. Judgement day is near. Common man will be victorious & you people will hide your faces just like MQM.
    Taufeeq Hussain

  28. Mr. Zulfi you are really the hero, the comments posted above excluding
    fatima are actually the real villains their days have been numbered. keep it up, all the chitralis are with you. you are kamran Khan, Mubashir Luqman and Iqrar Ul hassan of chitral, we are proud of you. kudos to team Chitraltoday. God bless you people.

  29. You have done a good job Zulfiqar, thanks and this school is for Chitral not for a specific political part or for a group of people… thanks again .. we need the lady back to the school…

  30. New topi drama every day. When will it wind up? Is anybody thinking of the students, about their study? No, everyone is playing to his liking.
    Please fed up of Carey’s & Abdullahs.
    Be off with them.

  31. Well Mr Azam khan, secretary education is an honest person obedient to his duty. Don’t try to fool us that you will be able to persuade him to act according to your wishes. We know what kind of repo you had during your tenure, so please don’t try to fool ud, in the end you will have to bite your own nails.
    Mr. zulfiqar if you have a little bit of what people call objectivity, you will hide yourself in darkness after such biased reporting.
    Convey this message of a common chitrali guardian to your bosses;
    We know our rights and how to get them. When the doors of judiciary be knocked, all parasites will cry foul again. Till then amuse us with your concocted stories.
    Corrupt mafia days are counted. Ask for forgiveness during this blessed month of ramadhan because after that secretary education inquiry or court will not show mercy and come hard on all usurpers, be it on either side.
    Taufeeq Hussain

    1. Mr. Taufiq Hussain you know students occupy the central position in any educational institution. They are like heart and soul of the school. All the efforts for improving education are because of them. All the students and their parents satisfy and want Carey Shofield back in chitral because she wants to provide quality education in chitral. We should respect the point of views of students for the betterment of the institution.

  32. Zulfiqar. You will have to pay the heavy price for creating new controversy every day. Indeed you did a disservice to chitral. I have never seen such a biased and prejudiced approach from a person who claims to be associated with journalism. It is indeed unfathomable that why you are so hell bent upon ruining the school via crafted and engineered controversies. Don’t you think when the controversy reaches its logical end, you will have to face the music too?

  33. It is very very easy to put an end to this controversy. I request the editor of this news website to ask any member of the BoG to produce minutes of the meetings of the last four meetings especially the one through which these teachers were sacked. The minutes drafted by a secretary to the BoG and signed by all members of the board will suffice and will clear the matter.

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