Chitral Scouts Jawans attend luncheon with president

ISLAMABAD, March 25: The 30-men contingent of the Chitral Scouts, who took part in the Pakistan Day parade in Islamabad, on Wednesday attended a luncheon held in honour of all the military participants where President Mamnoon Hussain was the chief guest. Speaking on the occasion, the president said he was proud of the way the military presented the parade which was held after a gap of about seven years. He said the professionalism of the military was an honour for the nation. He said that like the successful parade the military would also remain successful in eliminating the terrorists and securing the lives of the citizens. The Chitral Scouts personnel are still in Islamabad and would return to Chitral when they receive directions from the army high command. chitral copy]]>

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  1. Where did the beautiful Pakol go, it looked so nice when Chitral Scouts wore it on parade or otherwise. Poor decision.

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